10 Things Everyone Who Owns A Smartphone Will Understand

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things a smart phone user will understand

One of the greatest things that has occurred from this generation is probably the substaintial smartphone's introduction. We have definitely come along way from chunky flip phones that you could dramatically flip down after a call, like a business man. We have all become accustomed to their involvement in our everyday lives and I couldn't exactly imagine life without using all the facilities they have to offer. I probably sound like a smart phone addict, but with the complexity of them, we can do so much with them from tracking our water intake, exercise and even play soothing melodies to relax to. There are a few things that you may understand as an avid smartphone user too.

1. If your phone is pretty much the first thing you check in the morning and the last thing that gazes your eyes then I don't think you're alone with that, at all. How can we not? We can read things before we sleep, kind of like relaxing with a book, only with more radiation. Oh gosh, when you put it like that..

2. When you rely on your phone as map to take you the route you need to walk but it takes you the completely opposite direction. Thanks google maps! Strangely though it seems to work fine in the car when we end up on the wrong pathway, it just doesn't help you when you're alone and lost in the suburbs of London.

3. The panicked "where's my phone?" feeling you get when that's it, it's definitely gone, I must have left it on the train and the newspaper man must have found it. Oh.. don't worry found it guys.

4. Losing your phone and someone glistens with the idea of calling it, but it's either on silent, too quiet to hear or in a completely different location. I once tracked my phone on find my iPhone, but it showed me a completely different location so I was convinced someone was already in the Cash 4 Phonez kind of shop. Luckily I found it, unsold!

5. Using it for music to accompany the shower. Even though I'm still waiting for my update, I probably shouldn't really do this. 

6. Scrolling through your phone on bloglovin' or twitter and your thumb just can't take it. Too.. much.. scrolling! 

7. That 'not enough storage' sign that pops up more often than it should. I had to depart with some of my apps that i'll probably never use again anyway and still no space?! What's happening?

8. Your battery needing some fuel when you really need it the most. Especially when you're in costa, with plug sockets and you have all the other necessary equipment, apart from the main essential item. 

9. Zooming up the stairs to charge it when it's got 1% left and feeling awesome for making it on time. Me: 1  Phone: 0

10. Dropping your phone and of course, landing just like the buttered side of bread, face down! You do that "please be fine, please be fine" chant in the hope that your communication device is okay. I can say sometimes this has worked for me, but I have also been subject to the slide-out-of-pocket-without-buying-a-case-smash. Definitely lived an learned from this, after a few times!

Thank you for stopping by, these are a few things that we may experience with our phones, I may also make a part two to this. Do you have anything else you could add?

Angie xo

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  1. Haha brilliant! I very rarely make it when my phone gets to 1%.... the battery is so dead it normally dies too quickly for me to reach the charger!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

    1. Haha yeah it's a bit of a hurry trying to rush to plug it in especially when we don't make it to the charger on time and then have to wait ages for it to start up again x

  2. Google maps has failed me so many times as it has helped me hahah! Lovely post :)

    Kathy xx

    1. It's so annoying isn't it! Especially when you need it the most haha, thank you :) xx

  3. This is so me!
    And it's a tad scary!
    A great post idea, very amusing!

    Hannah Xx

    1. Haha aw, at least you know what I mean haha :) & thank you :) xx

  4. I am guilty of all OMG haha. I felt this post was written for me but honestly my phone first thing in the morning is the ultimate truth haha. This post was a brilliant idea, great work.

    1. Haha! Me too! I just can't help it, I find that it helps to wake me up. I've been trying not so much, but it's harder than I thought! Thank you :) xx

  5. To be honest, I have experiences only the "please be fine, please be fine". :D What's wrong with me? :O Am I not good enough smartphone user? :D
    BUT even though my phone is not the last thing I see in the evening and first in the morning (anymore :D), I do look at it little too often during the day. :D So maybe I am not as bad smartphone user as I thought at first. :D ;)
    Great post, btw, funny read. :)

    1. That's fine maybe it's not in your hands as much as mine is, which is a good thing! It's definitely one thing that I want to cut down on. I use it for everything but I feel like one day i'll forget how to do normal things, because i'm so used to using my phone haha!
      Yeah you may not be as much of a bad smartphone user, you're one of us! Haha
      Thank you Madara :) xx

  6. My phone is literally with me 24/7 so i can totally relate, lol. I don't think i could survive without it now, no chance xx

    1. Haha i'm exactly the same as well even though I try not to so much, it just ends up back in my hands somehow haha xx


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