What Should I Do With My Blog Name?

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Hey everyone, i'm in a bit of a bit pickle with my blog name and I pretty much have been since I started blogging. I need your help on deciding where to venture with my blog name, or in other words do I keep it or not? Let me tell you a little back story as to how I got my name, it's unrelevance to anything, so yeah, let's go.

So back when I decided I wanted to write for you beautiful people, of course the next thing was thinking about the name. This was a much bigger decision than deciding between two different sandwiches because this would need to stick, sound good, and y'know, not be taken already.

As weeks were going past and still no creative name had popped into my head, I just wanted to start writing already, but you know that you need a name it can't just be blank and I was willing to have no name in the beginning stages while no one was reading but blogger was like nope, you need a name!

Months had gone past now and I was like right, I'm going to think of a name by the end of the week, looking around the room for inspiration 'window to my soul' okay definitely no, I tried this with so many different names, threw out loads of different names to Ollie and as soon as I said them to him I could see how ridiculous they sounded without even needing his opinion.

I suggested 'silk and sapphire' and even though I wasn't thrilled on the name Ollie said it was the best one I threw out to him, kinda shows how bad the other ones were, ha!  Why silk and sapphire though? I'll be honest, I really don't know. At first I was gonna do the whole boyfriend takes pictures for a fashion blog type of thing so the silk relating to clothing came from there, then the sapphire was just coming out of no where but it was with the same letter so that was that.

The thing is, then I decided I would do a lifestyle type of blog. So now I've had the name for a while, it doesn't match what my blog is about, it's so random and as I discovered more blogs so many people have the something and something name, like chocolate and marshmallows or cats and coffee I don't know anyone with these so i'm not singling anyone out but you know what I mean don't you?

So that's where you come in, do I keep the random name that doesn't really show what my blog is about, I still can't think of an orginal name that some bloggers smartly thought of, so I was thinking of doing Angela Sofia which is my first name and my middle name. I can't do Angela White which is my first and last name because *if you're a young reader or sensitive to certain topics, please leave now* when you type it into google, a porn star has already taken my name, yikes! So if anyone types it into google then it won't be me and my little blog that will come up. Eeek.

Angela Sofia also has relevance to the fact I'm half Bulgarian and Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria (thanks for not making London my middle name mum but c'mon a capital? Haha) and it's more personal to me and my blog. Although I was in a twitter chat back when I was more socially active and someone said that just names are so unoriginal but I disagree as I think they add a sense of a personal touch too. Do you think I should change it or leave it?

Do you have a name or do you stick to just your name? How does this work out for you?

Thanks a bunch lovelies,

Angie xo

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  1. When I first started out, I spent roughly my first six months under the name "Fishnet & Fairy-Types" - the idea was that, as my blog was going to be about style and beauty, fishnet is often associated with those grunge and punk styles I enjoy so much, while Fairy-Types pertains to the Pokémon type, all things kawaii and girly, which I also love. As my blog evolved though and I changed, I decided to go for a new name. I had a few ideas, but I chose Amanda Jayne because it's *my* blog and I pretty much write about anything relating to my life - while beauty remains a primary topic on my blog, I enjoy writing about lifestyle, personal posts, body mods, basically things I think make me 'me', and that I love to write about. So I think absolutely - if you want to change your name, you should go for it. I don't think there's anything wrong with using your own name as your blog name - it's simple, and it means it's going to last throughout any style or blogging changes you make. I'm obviously biased as I use my own name as my blog name, but, that's just how it is to me!

    Amanda Jayne | beauty, style, life


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