My Top 5 Favourite Comedy Series to Give You a Good Laugh

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With the arrival of the start of spring, i've recently i've been getting into watching tv series. Some i've watched for a while and some of them are a recent discovery. I'm just finding myself watching funny series and having a good old chuckle at the moment, especially comedy because i'm feeling in a cheerful spring mood. I don't have a netflix account *cue gasp* which I will do at some point, but i'm making the most of sky tv with like 1000 channels but I only watch like 10 so i'm trying to make the most of them. So grab a blanket and a hot cuppa with me while I share with you what series i'm currently loving to watch at the moment.

1) Melissa and Joey

This show has only made a few seasons, but a very good few regardless. I used to watch Melissa in Sabrina the Teenage witch when I was younger on Disney Chanel or a similar channel. Even if you didn't,  there are a lot of laughs in Melissa and Joey that should make you crack a smile or two. I've really been loving this show recently and their writers know how to do it. Some of the things that they think of is quite clever and funny and the story line is always a surprise. It's one of them shows where you want them to get together, you know it, the kids know it but they don't know it yet, oooh..

2) The Goldbergs

Taking place in the 80's decade, this family sitcom is a recent discovery of mine which i've got quite into. It involves anything to do with the 80's era, music, outfits, the craziness and the dancing! This show will have a have a reference to something that kind of takes you on a journey with them, but it's quite funny as well. The Goldbergs uses actual home video at the end of the show while making a modern recreation of it and it's quite funny, with the added craziness which makes you enjoy watching it. 

3) Modern Family 

Travelling a few years on from the 80's we've reached Modern Family which is just filled with a lot of  funny characters and laughs as well. I think we're sensing a family theme over here, I didn't even mean for that to happen, haha. I like that it takes a different approach to family life and through the show they sit on the sofa and talk into the camera which makes it appear as if they're talking to you. The characters are quite funny and each episode never fails to make me laugh. Modern family has won awards as well and I can definitely see why. 

4) Baby Daddy

A relatively new discovery of mine, I wasn't 100% sure about this show at first because I didn't get the characters or what was going on. Who was the daddy, who is everyone else? I hadn't seen this picture until writing this post otherwise that would have helped. It's actually got quite a bit of humour in it and ended up being better than I expected. It kind of reminds of like a grown up disney channel show with plenty of surprises. There's also a love triangle between the girl and two guys next to her, which makes it interesting to watch to see who will seal the deal.

5) The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory I saved for last because it my favourite comedy series to watch on a rainy day, or any day infact. I amdire the guy who created the show who also created two and a half men. He is just such a creative series producing genius and the way the show is written and produced. The characters play their roles incredibly well and the writers are just amazing. Do you have one of those programs that you will first look for when you put the television on, in the hope there a few consequtive episodes for you to watch. This is that program for me, I love this show.

What are some of your favourite tv series that you are loving at the moment?

Angie xo

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  1. I am loving a few at the moment, Full House,Shadowhunters,Once Upon A Time and The walking dead.
    I do nothing but watch Netflix at the moment, walking dead finish's this week though and Shadowhunters :(

    Meme (Anna) xx

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    1. Oooh they all sound really good, I need to get into something new and i'm not sure what but they are some really good suggestions! :) xx

  2. I watched baby daddy when it was still season 1 but for some reason I stopped ? I must start watching again! I also love watching the middle, such a great show :)

    Kathy x

    1. Omg the middle! I completely forgot about that. I used to always watch it until brick got older and wasn't as cute anymore haha, but it's still really good so thanks for reminding me haha xx

  3. Loving this post Angela! Big Bang Theory is a classic and will always be a favourite of mine. I know what you mean about Baby Daddy, although I do love that the guy who plays Tucker used to be in the show Smart Guy when I was MUCH younger in the 90s.
    Shows I've been recently loving is 'Him & Her' from BBC Three (these are on Netflix so there's an excuse to sign up!), and also 'Fresh Meat' and 'Siblings' (which actually has one of the actresses from Fresh Meat).
    Happy Watching! :0
    Lucy xx

    1. I thought i'd seen him in something else, but I wasn't sure what haha, he always puts in some random or funny comments and it makes me laugh. Fresh meat, oo is that the one with Jack who's on all of the comedy shows? Haha I've watched a few episodes but I don't know why I didn't carry on, it's really good! Thank you for the suggestions i've been looking for some new things so that's awesome :) xx

  4. I love the Big Bang Theory! It is definitely one of my favourite shows, but this winter I found another show, which definitely is a good competition for the BBT, it's Life in Pieces. Amazing, and so much fun!! You should take a look :)

    1. Ooo I will check that out if it's competition for big bang theory, it's gotta be good then, right? Haha thank you for the recomendation :) xx


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