Get rid my blog or just improve it?

I've been finding that recently my blog has been slacking, big time. It's never a good feeling when you write a post asking for advice and literally not one person replied, haha. I've gotten more comments when I've wrote a post that doesn't necessarily ask for advice. I'm just kind of stuck in a rut with my blog. I literally felt like giving up with my blog and just not continuing with it anymore. It's so difficult to keep up with a blog that you're not happy with and I was at a point where I felt like I was doing well and now it's just backfired and I thought about completely just getting rid of my blog.

After a long conversation with Ollie, he advised me that I'd worked so hard this far and made me look at it in a different light and I probably would have deleted my blog by now. After that conversation, I decided not to get rid of my blog but I need to make some major changes in order to continue with it. So, I thought that there could be a few things that I could do to improve my it and feel happier with it.

Homepage picture - If you've seen my picture you're probably aware that only one of my eyes is showing, my hair hides my face and it's overly edited, well more like the brightness has been turned up a few notches or twelve . As soon as I can take a better selfie a bit less edited then I'll change it and I think it will show more of who I am.

Blog pictures- I'll be honest with you, I really don't like using stock photos on my blog and I started off using my own pictures. I ran out of pictures to use, my phone never has enough storage and my camera stopped working a while ago. I need to start clicking away and take my own photographs to put up, especially when I see the stock photos I've used on someones blog and it doesn't look good that the same pictures are being used. So I really want to start using my own photographs again, even if they don't look as good as some of your lovely photography.

Blog name- Okay, I mentioned this in my last post and I came to the conclusion that it's my decision what to do with my name, it's not something that someone can advise me to do. Ultimately it's down to me and I think eventually I'll change it to my name, the only problem with changing a blog name is that regular readers know who I am by the name of my blog so I hope they'll still know it's me and don't think who is that? It's something i've wanted to do since I almost started.

Blog posts- I think I'm going to start whacking out different kind of posts, rather than talking about my blog, on my blog. Like I've come to realise no one cares about my opinion on my blog or what I want to do with it, people want something interesting to read and thoughts and opinion posts seem to work well with some people, but with mine those kind of posts don't get much attention so I'm guessing I need to stop writing personal/opinion posts and asking for advice and sway away from those topics for now.

Theme- I'm quite fed up of these budget themes, with broken html codes and then a massive sign at the bottom like 'Gogo templates' or something. I need to invest in a good theme, that's not like £100 and that actually looks quite nice and one that I can personalise to my taste.

Enjoy it- I enjoyed it more when I first started because I didn't have high expectations, I didn't expect many readers or comments so any of those that I got, I was over the moon. Once I had a few posts with a substantial amount of comments, I compared the rest of the posts to that, so the last thing is to just relax more into it and just enjoy it.

Angie xo

What Should I Do With My Blog Name?

Hey everyone, i'm in a bit of a bit pickle with my blog name and I pretty much have been since I started blogging. I need your help on deciding where to venture with my blog name, or in other words do I keep it or not? Let me tell you a little back story as to how I got my name, it's unrelevance to anything, so yeah, let's go.

So back when I decided I wanted to write for you beautiful people, of course the next thing was thinking about the name. This was a much bigger decision than deciding between two different sandwiches because this would need to stick, sound good, and y'know, not be taken already.

As weeks were going past and still no creative name had popped into my head, I just wanted to start writing already, but you know that you need a name it can't just be blank and I was willing to have no name in the beginning stages while no one was reading but blogger was like nope, you need a name!

Months had gone past now and I was like right, I'm going to think of a name by the end of the week, looking around the room for inspiration 'window to my soul' okay definitely no, I tried this with so many different names, threw out loads of different names to Ollie and as soon as I said them to him I could see how ridiculous they sounded without even needing his opinion.

I suggested 'silk and sapphire' and even though I wasn't thrilled on the name Ollie said it was the best one I threw out to him, kinda shows how bad the other ones were, ha!  Why silk and sapphire though? I'll be honest, I really don't know. At first I was gonna do the whole boyfriend takes pictures for a fashion blog type of thing so the silk relating to clothing came from there, then the sapphire was just coming out of no where but it was with the same letter so that was that.

The thing is, then I decided I would do a lifestyle type of blog. So now I've had the name for a while, it doesn't match what my blog is about, it's so random and as I discovered more blogs so many people have the something and something name, like chocolate and marshmallows or cats and coffee I don't know anyone with these so i'm not singling anyone out but you know what I mean don't you?

So that's where you come in, do I keep the random name that doesn't really show what my blog is about, I still can't think of an orginal name that some bloggers smartly thought of, so I was thinking of doing Angela Sofia which is my first name and my middle name. I can't do Angela White which is my first and last name because *if you're a young reader or sensitive to certain topics, please leave now* when you type it into google, a porn star has already taken my name, yikes! So if anyone types it into google then it won't be me and my little blog that will come up. Eeek.

Angela Sofia also has relevance to the fact I'm half Bulgarian and Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria (thanks for not making London my middle name mum but c'mon a capital? Haha) and it's more personal to me and my blog. Although I was in a twitter chat back when I was more socially active and someone said that just names are so unoriginal but I disagree as I think they add a sense of a personal touch too. Do you think I should change it or leave it?

Do you have a name or do you stick to just your name? How does this work out for you?

Thanks a bunch lovelies,

Angie xo

How to Blog When You're Busy and Where Have I Been?

First of all I apologise for my lack of posting, I haven't abandoned my blog although I'm sure it feels like that. I bet you're hoping something pretty darn good is happening to miss posting. I haven't got myself a word wide travel experience,  although I wouldn't object to such an experience. Oh no, it's the dreaded exams again. If you are currently taking exams you are aware how stressful it is, if you're not then I guess may/June is a nice exam free month! In the last few weeks I just wanted to concentrate on studying because I had so much information to learn and the time I had wasn't enough as it is. I haven't been on my laptop at all in that time because I would just get distracted and it was a sacrifice I was willing to make for a few weeks.

So here's a list of a few things that you can do if you're busy to post, but unlike me you don't want to disappear off the face of the earth.

Write where you can - I know that sitting at a desk, or the 'bed desk' might give you a great state of mind to get yourself typing. However, just trying to write when you can and fit it in can really help you with posting when you don't have the time. You can write on the train using the blogger app, you can write a quick something here and there. You don't even need to write the whole post in one go, just little bits to be able to post when you can.

Pre-write - If you're going away and won't be able to post and you don't want to just leave your blog as an empty shield, you could pre-write a few posts in one day and then just schedule them for whenever you please. That way you're still posting if you don't feel that you can not post for a while. I have never scheduled a post although i'm sure it would have come in so handy.

Short and sweet - Time is a virtue and if you don't have the time to sit there for ages typing when your revision or anything else is waiting for then you can just write a short post with a few blog post ideas, quick tips or just how you got served by rude people in New Look, why does this always happen to me? New Look please give your employees customer service training, or at least in my town anyway. You don't need to feel compelled to write out long posts when you don't have the time because they may be rushed and not up to your standard.

Think about what's important - If you've got exams or a job interview to prepare for, realistically as much as blogging is a lovely outlet to put your thoughts into, at the end of the day passing your exams is probably going to help you in future and you don't want your blog to overrule that. Unless of course your blog is a bit bigger than you anticipated for and it is your future, if you get what I mean. Think about where your priorities lie and there's no point whacking out posts and leaving your revision sitting there, unless of course you can tackle both then give me them skills please?

Your readers will understand - Honestly your readers will understand. I could have probably made a post about the fact I won't be posting for the next few weeks or tweeted about it or something, although at the time I thought i'd be able to do both, so that no one thinks you've fallen off the face of the earth. I also though ah, who's reading anyway but I was suprised that I was still getting views, not as much as when I was blogging of course. They will understand though because everyone goes through things so you don't need to feel too bad for not posting and i've come back feeling like I can give it more effort than I could while studying.

These are a few of my tips, how do you post when you have don't have much time to?

Angie xo

My Top 5 Favourite Comedy Series to Give You a Good Laugh

With the arrival of the start of spring, i've recently i've been getting into watching tv series. Some i've watched for a while and some of them are a recent discovery. I'm just finding myself watching funny series and having a good old chuckle at the moment, especially comedy because i'm feeling in a cheerful spring mood. I don't have a netflix account *cue gasp* which I will do at some point, but i'm making the most of sky tv with like 1000 channels but I only watch like 10 so i'm trying to make the most of them. So grab a blanket and a hot cuppa with me while I share with you what series i'm currently loving to watch at the moment.

1) Melissa and Joey

This show has only made a few seasons, but a very good few regardless. I used to watch Melissa in Sabrina the Teenage witch when I was younger on Disney Chanel or a similar channel. Even if you didn't,  there are a lot of laughs in Melissa and Joey that should make you crack a smile or two. I've really been loving this show recently and their writers know how to do it. Some of the things that they think of is quite clever and funny and the story line is always a surprise. It's one of them shows where you want them to get together, you know it, the kids know it but they don't know it yet, oooh..

2) The Goldbergs

Taking place in the 80's decade, this family sitcom is a recent discovery of mine which i've got quite into. It involves anything to do with the 80's era, music, outfits, the craziness and the dancing! This show will have a have a reference to something that kind of takes you on a journey with them, but it's quite funny as well. The Goldbergs uses actual home video at the end of the show while making a modern recreation of it and it's quite funny, with the added craziness which makes you enjoy watching it. 

3) Modern Family 

Travelling a few years on from the 80's we've reached Modern Family which is just filled with a lot of  funny characters and laughs as well. I think we're sensing a family theme over here, I didn't even mean for that to happen, haha. I like that it takes a different approach to family life and through the show they sit on the sofa and talk into the camera which makes it appear as if they're talking to you. The characters are quite funny and each episode never fails to make me laugh. Modern family has won awards as well and I can definitely see why. 

4) Baby Daddy

A relatively new discovery of mine, I wasn't 100% sure about this show at first because I didn't get the characters or what was going on. Who was the daddy, who is everyone else? I hadn't seen this picture until writing this post otherwise that would have helped. It's actually got quite a bit of humour in it and ended up being better than I expected. It kind of reminds of like a grown up disney channel show with plenty of surprises. There's also a love triangle between the girl and two guys next to her, which makes it interesting to watch to see who will seal the deal.

5) The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory I saved for last because it my favourite comedy series to watch on a rainy day, or any day infact. I amdire the guy who created the show who also created two and a half men. He is just such a creative series producing genius and the way the show is written and produced. The characters play their roles incredibly well and the writers are just amazing. Do you have one of those programs that you will first look for when you put the television on, in the hope there a few consequtive episodes for you to watch. This is that program for me, I love this show.

What are some of your favourite tv series that you are loving at the moment?

Angie xo

Liebster Award

I am thankful to be nominated for a leibster award by the lovely girls Kristina from A Lady Likes, ML from TheBeautyholicGirl and Maria from Lovefrommaira. This has made me feel really happy at the moment because I haven't posted as regularly as I have been and I thought are people even reading my blog? This makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside like you guys are still there or maybe you've come recently and I would like to say thank you to you girlies for nominating and for having faith in me and my blog and for everyone else who reads it. I love this aspect of the blogging community and spreading positivity which is amazing. 

The rules for the Liebster Award are:
  1. You have to mention and thank the blog that nominated you in a blog post.
  2. You then have to answer the 11 questions which were asked by the blog that nominated you.
  3. Then it's your turn to nominate 11 other new bloggers.
  4. You lastly have to set 11 new questions for your nominees to answer.

Kristinas questions

1. If you could wear only one makeup product for a week what would it be? I would reach for foundation, a high coverage one so at least my face is one skin tone are ready to go. I hope I would have made the right choice haha

2. What three famous people (dead or alive), would you invite to your dinner party? Rita Ora because I think she'd be a lot of fun, James Cordon for the same reason and a famous chef who can make something tasty for us.

3. If you could live in a book, TV show or film what would it be? Harry Potter, i'd be a goblin and play pranks on Malfoy.

4. What movie did you last watch? Fast and Furious 7, the last one :( but at least there's 7 to rewatch so it's alright.

5. Smokey eye and nude lip OR soft eyes and red lip? This has got me thinking actually, nude is the colour I go for more but then red lips are like BAM! Can I choose nude in the morning and red at night? 

6. What is your dream job? Something important like a CEO of a company, that would look good on the cv haha.

7. Describe your perfect day in a sentence. Chilled, relaxed, really sunny where you don't plan anything but it's just so fun, you stumble across a lake, you find a market with the best eat-as-much-as-you-want food, mmmm.

8. What did you last laugh about? After watching a recorded rudetube we had a few laughs at some of the funny videos.

 9. What is something you hope to achieve this year? Getting my own domain and making my blog as peachy as possible :) well that's the aim anyway.

10. Who is your favourite Disney princess or character? Ariel because I wanted her mermaid life and a sidekick Sebastian and sing "under da seaaa "

11. Who were your childhood idols/ heroes? Mary Kate and Ashley, I watched them grow from two of a kind series to their movies and their fashion and I admire their work ethic and even though they're like bagiliionaires, they just don't stop.

( I had to put a picture in because there was so many questions, I needed something to break them up a bit)
ML's questions

1. What made you start blogging? I wanted to write and unleash my thoughts into something that didn't include boring old essays I needed to hand in soon. 

2. Where do you look for inspiration when you're stuck on what to blog? Sometimes old blog posts, I think 'ah I should have wrote about that' then i'm like ooh maybe I could now.

3. What is your favourite makeup brand? L'Oreal, I have way too many of their products.

4. What's your favourite mascara and why? Would you kill me if I said L'Oreal million lashes mascara.

5. What sort of blog posts do you like reading and why? I like to read personal posts, opinions on things and life. This is because you get to see the personality of someone and I find those kind of posts interesting to read.

6. Do you enjoy travelling? If so, where have you been? We travel every Summer but when I was younger we drove from England to Bulgaria and stayed in the countries were in at night. I visited so many countries on that one trip but I would have rather done it now so I could take more pictures and enjoy it more because I was much younger.

7. Would you consider doing youtube? I have thought about it but I did a test video and heard my voice and I was like omg no way.

8. Name 4 of your favourite you tubers. I don't watch youtube as much as I used to but Smosh because they were one of the fist people I subscribed to and they're funny. Superwoman because her parents impersonation videos ae hilarious. Any funny cat video and lastly, Ray William Johnson before he left.

9. What's your favourite song at the moment? I really don't know actually, maybe Zara Lawson's new song.

10. Favourite lip colours? I'm liking light pink at the moment for spring.

Maria's questions

1. The last dream you remember, what was it about? Travelling, i'm not sure why I always have this dream recently but maybe it's a sign!

2. Where is your happy place? Either on holiday somewhere or somewhere more realistic, my bedroom because it has everything like bed, tv, laptop and cats haha.

3. What do you usually have for breakfast? I start my day with a bowl of either Weetabix or granola cereal.

4. If you could travel anywhere in the world, what's the first place you'd go to? California!

5. What are some things you like about yourself? My friendliness, like if we're friends I'm the nicest most caring person to you. I like to have a laugh, enjoy life and being there for people when they need me.

6. What's your favourite holiday? Bulgaria because it's like being on holiday but going home as well.

7. Would you describe yourself as messy or tidy? Tidy! I don't really like mess.

8. If you could live in any fictional world for a day, where would you want to go? Hogwarts, let's go?

9. Who is your inspiration? My mum because I admire her work ethic and how caring she is.

10. How did you come up wth your blog name? My name was taken and I kept suggesting names and the one for the most positive feedback, I'm still not 100% sure about it haha.

11. What is your favourite sweet and favourite savoury? Sweet- Skittles or galaxy chocolate. Savoury- Chicken or Chinese food, mm.

My nominations 
(In no particular order, I have nominated people who I don't think have done it yet, of course I wanted to nominate all of you)

Anna - The Day In The Life Of Me
Madara- Look for Smile 
Jodie - Jodietopia
Jemma - The Sweetpea Life
Shona - Shona Harding
Amanda -   Bullet-ing
Vanessa -  The Beauty Anecdote
Shannon - Sixth Skyline
Kathy -  Along Came Kathy
Shiona - Life After Ldn

My questions to you:
1. What star sign are you and what is one trait of your sign?
2. What one accessory, like a certain piece of jewellery do you always wear or can't live without?
3. Do you have any pets? If no, what pet would you like to have?
4. Is there a product you can't stop using at the moment?
5. Do you have anything planned for the Summer?
6. What is your favourite type of chocolate or sweet thing?
7. 5 things that you are loving right now? Like products, tv shows or even the weekend
8. We're having a girls day/night, what do we do?
9. What is your favourite thing about blogging?
10. What type of flowers do you think are the prettiest?
11. What is one thing about you that people may be surprised to know?

Let me know if you've done it :) and thank you again for the lovely nominations :)

Angie xo

Beauty Tips You May Have Forgotten About

I find beauty tips posts strangely harder to do than usual, which is surprising considering the nature of it. I find it difficult because let's be honest really, what tip have you not heard of before? Even the most unusual of tips have been made known to everyone so what's new really? That's why I decided to do tips that we may have forgotten about because you've probably heard of all of these before, but  you're like me and forget the most handiest ones when you need them the most. I feel like these ones are all really effective tips, for when we can actually remember to do them.

Conditioner for shaving -  If you ever run out of shaving cream, conditioner is your best friend. It makes your legs super smooth whilst also helping to avoid razor bumps for an easier shave. It helps to avoid razor bumps and your razor will just glide through, I just love how amazing my legs feel after.

Aloe vera - If you ever get a burn from cooking, which happens to me way too much. The best thing to avoid scarring and treating your burns as quickly as possible is aloe vera. If you haven't got access to the actual plant because your average girl doesn't have an aloe vera plant in her garden. You could always use a cream with a touch of aloe vera will help keep your skin hydrated after the burn.

Exfoliate once a week - We all know about exfoliating once a week, but some exfoliators may be too harsh for your skin which could be breaking you out. Make sure your exfoliating beads aren't like grains of sand just cutting through your skin. If you're breaking out, it's best to avoid exfoliating where you are as it could spread them or even make them worse. You could even make your own with sugar and olive oil which will give you the extra benefit of smooth skin.

Tea bags bring down inflammation put over your eyes on face - If you're feeling a bit of puffiness or dryness, instead of reaching for the 'miracle' product in a tub which is the easier option because who has the time anymore. Although, using natural alternatives can really help to give you what you're lacking. A few teabags under the eyes, or potatoes can help to bring the inflammation and puffiness down.

Brush eyebrow hairs with old mascara - If you don't have an eyebrow spooly you could always opt for an old mascara wand to keep your browse looking pitch perfect without much preparation. Of course you can wash it first so it doesn't have any mascara bits on it. I always find that just doing this makes my brows already look a bit better without needing to do any added extras for those days where i'm only popping into town.

Make nail varnish last longer - My nail varnish seems to look nicely done only when i'm applying it. Once i've finished, it's only a matter of time before they get smudged or chipped, story of my life. I found running them under cold water or just soaking them in a sink of cold water really helps to keep them looking better for longer. It might help to do the after-painted-nails thing where you do the dinosaur hands while trying to grab things and not ruin your nails.

Dry shampoo the night before - We get those days where upon wakening we are greeted with last night's greasy takeout on our hair. The grease we ingested somehow ended up greasing up our hair and because of this late notice and already being a rush, there is no time for hair washing. Spritzing dry shampoo is a girls go go guide for these kind of situations. Spraying it before you go to sleep however if we can remember, can help it to soak in overnight so that you wake up with luscious smelling hair.

What are some of your beauty tips?

Angie xo

20 Everyday Instagram Thoughts

I recently got back into my Instagram account and posting some snazzy snaps. I have noticed a few differences in using it before to using it now. They have definitely upped their game dramatically and you couldn't watch short little clips to help pass the time. I'm sure we've all noticed there seems to be certain things that either make it an 'instagram worthy shot' or traditional snaps that we all see. I thought i'd share with you some of my thoughts when i'm scrolling through my inspiration heaven.

Do you ever wonder if people accidentally spill their coffee while trying to take the famous instagram coffee in hand picture in bed?

Or what if it's not even coffee? It could be tea, it's looks like it's either a milky coffee or a not so milky tea. These are the questions of life.

Oh the food picture debate. I don't mind a nice croissant, restaurant food or anything that's presented and looks nice. I really don't like those food shots where it looks like something from sloppy joes.

Am I the only one who hasn't taken one those perfect eyebrow and eye make selfies yet, with perfect contouring and those luscious lips.

Or the one in a tight dress type of outfit and laced up heels, yeah I haven't taken one of those either.

My cats make an appearance sometimes so that does count as an instagram shot?

How difficult is it to actually take pictures of pets. They're always looking away and when they're doing something cute you never have your phone at hand.

Do you ever find that a selfie that would work a few years ago just doesn't seem to be cutting it for instagram anymore. I guess the kardashian klan has taken selfies to a whole new level.

Like, how do people even take those kind of amazing selfies, please tell me there's some photoshop involved.

When you find an instagram account that just has the best selfies and clothes and you have to re evaluate your whole life.

Or finding an account with just loads of quick videos to watch, perfect for when you're tired but not that tired to sleep yet.

Liking a video of something you 'need to remember to do' but never seeing it again so forgetting. This happens a lot for me with d.i.y's.

What about the cactus shot, I always prick myself on them and they're not my friend. How do they not manage to?

The instagram shot where someones like used their knees or something to push their boobs up, like don't hurt yourself there!

I don't know about you, but instagram made me like thing I didn't like before, like stationary, flat lays and donuts. Donuts went from messy sugary things to instagram famous along with the devil cactus.

So the moral of the story is, just be a donut or a plant.

Liking someones picture and they like 5 of yours back like aw you absolute babe, then liking theirs back because you're nice like that.

Follow you then unfollow you one you've followed back like oh okay I thought you liked my feed but maybe another time huh?

No hard feelings because then you get someone who gives you a comment that makes you feel all happy inside.

Or when you get 'the shot' if you know what i'm talking about

What are some of your everyday thoughts on Instagram?

Angie xo 

My Fraud Story And How Can You Avoid It

Around the time of the Christmas holidays, on one of my breaks at Uni while I was fast pacing across the windy bridge you've probably walked on when you're in London, to get a Starbucks to perk me up. I received a text from good ol' Barclays. Y'know, probably just letting me know about internet banking or something, or so I thought.

I was kind of worried when I read that my card had been used to purchase three xbox's and they wanted to confirm whether or not it was me because it looked suspicious. So as I got end of the bridge there is a long street full of shops, places to eat but mostly importantly Barclays Bank.  So I zoomed to the bank and I wanted to confirm that it was definetely from them just incase it wasn't and they asked for my card details to put the money back in and I was scammed like that.

The woman kind of gave me a glare and like of course this is us while she confirmed that it was, but you just never know, I just wanted to double check. Thanks for your warming embrace while my heart is beating a bit faster than usual.

Once I got through to the fraud department the next day they suggested that I go to Barclays and get a copy of my bank statement and circle anything that wasn't me.  Anyone with student finance will tell you that it does not go a long way after using it for necessities, learning from previous times i've tried  a lot harder to make sure i'm not spending on things that realistically I could go without. I knew that train fare, oh hello expensive London train travel that you keep raising, was definitely me.

Taking £40 out and then another £40 out within 20 minutes, definitely wasn't me because it was the day before Ollie's Birthday and we didn't go out because we were going out the next day to celebrate and it had been taken out at a cash machine when we were indoors so it didn't add up.

My stomach was feeling queasy because I thought it was only 3 Xbox's then there were other things I didn't know about so I had to sit there and go through everything properly. There were some things which I wasn't sure if it was them or me but I didn't circle it because I wanted to be 100% sure but with some things it was more clearer than others.

I couldn't even use my card during this period, right before Christmas wondering if it would get sorted out before then because I was concerned about all the gifts I wanted to buy. I tried going into the bank to physically withdraw money so they could see it was me and they couldn't give me anything at the time because my account was locked while they were sorting it out. This definitely wasn't exciting around the holidays.

I sent off the copy and anxiously waited for a reply. I eventually got a letter saying that they were  reimbursing me with some of the money, so I was so thankful that it was finally resolved in the end. I'm not sure if it was everything but I'd prefer that over nothing at all. I was so grateful that Barclays had texted me to tell me there had been some usual activity otherwise I literally wouldn't have known about it.

How can you protect yourself?

Be careful when using your card- I've become so careful where I used my card. For me, using it in clothing stores and well known stores I think are okay but I try to avoid using it in corner shops because you never know if they can be hacked. Not even by the company themselves but even by any third parties. If you want to be extra secure you could always just take out cash and use it whenever you can.

Cash machines- This is how I feel that my card got frauded. I used to use cash machines a lot and I watched a programme about how people can put something in the cash machines which would clone your card as it goes in and it made me think that maybe that's how my card got frauded. I'm just guessing because I wouldn't really cover my pin because I would just type it in fast. If I use a cash machine now, I only use one inside or just outside a bank because they have cameras and they're a bit more secure.

Don't have any pictures of your card on your phone- Ages ago, maybe even years ago, I was trying to show my sister my new Barclays personalised card feature when they first came out. I took a picture of it but didn't end up sending it just incase someone got hold of her phone if she lost it and theres my card on there. Although I forgot to just delete it altogether for a while, I just hope no one hacked into my phone at the time. I doubt you've got a picture of your card on your phone but if you do then please get rid of it just incase!

Online- The wide expansion of the internet means that we rely on it to do so much, i'm sure we're quite cautious about it already. Apart from making sure a website is secure with the little padlock sign, it's best to always type in the website and not click on it in an e-mail from a third party that isn't the actual brand, like H&M letting you know they've got a snazzy new sale. People can use a key logger which reads what you type and it's quite scary when you think about it.

Check yourself before your wreck yourself- This is a song lyric that I find best describes this situation. If your bank has the option of texting you to let you know about suspicious activity, how would you if they do that, until it actually happens? You could ask them if they do, or if you're not an avid checker of your statement like I never was, it might help to have a look often. Especially if you feel something isn't right.

Angie xo