6 Ways To Live A More Meaningful Lifestyle

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Living the life we desire may not be a far reach from our fingertips. Sometimes it just requires small changes to enable us to live our life to the full capacity. Some things of course may be out of our reach, but the things that are, we can use to our advantage and help us through this ever changing life. We all go through things, no matter how difficult it to see from the outside. It helps to find ways to mentally to prepare yourself for when those things happen. These are a few things I find our helpful to getting the most of our life and trying to live a more meaningful lifestyle.

Changing your mindset-  Changing my perception was the number one thing that I had to change in order to live a happier lifestyle. When things went wrong it would literally knock my confidence to the ground, but because life will always surprise you and it's helpful to try and not allow it overcome you. Using positive thinking and reinforcement, you can override the negative thoughts with more positive ones. You can think you know what, i'm not gonna let this get to me and positively reinforce yourself that you can overcome the situation.

Be happy for the smaller things in life-  When you don't expect much, you don't expect to gain much and therefore you're not as knocked down when things don't go in your direction, If for example you apply for a great job and you start thinking of working there and how amazing it will be, what you will buy with your staff discount, everything! Then if they don't realise what a great team member you'd be, oh, maybe I should I have said I was an astronaut on my cv. Then if you expect less, you may not be as knocked down and can focus your energy on something else.

Going outside-  Notice the greenness of the grass, the various colours of the plants around you. Being online can help us in certain aspects, as well as talking to lovely people and watching funny animals. Although, taking a break from that really helps to keep you sane and not let myself get into the slump of over-internetting. Seeing the experience of nature isn't something we can get online, fresh oxygen, getting our blood rushing. It's always refreshing to just take a breather, or two.

Focus on your breathing-  Focus on how you inhaling while breathing. Making sure as you inhale it reaches your stomach and not just your chest. Allow the air to fully awaken your senses and feel a wave of relaxation upon you. Sometimes feeling tense or stressed can simply be changed by monitoring how we breathe and taking a few moments out of the day to just take in some deep breaths. It's such a natural thing, but we often forget to really breathe the air through our body.

Do things for other people- The feeling of giving and making someone else happy can really put a smile on their face. You could surprise someone, give someone a compliment or volunteer somewhere. Acts of gratitude can really make a difference to someones day and it make you feel all warm inside. It doesn't have to be anything big, even small acts of kindness and lovely gestures can really bring someone a smile, especially if they're having a bad day.

Be happy in your own skin- There is only one you, so be the best version of it that you can be.  Be happy with who you are. Appreciate your life, do things that make you feel good about yourself. Wait until everyone's out of the house and dance or do some yoga. I say when people are out because nothing puts me off more than when someone unexpectedly walks in while they are greeted by my butt in the air in an awkward position. Well I was trying to relax but after that awkward encounter, I guess my sessions over now.

I hope you can find little things that help to live a more meaningful lifestyle, what are some of the things you like to do?

Angie xo

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  1. Definitely agree with these. Loving the smaller things along with trying to be more grateful are big things for me too. I love getting outside, it totally improves my mood!

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. Yeah I find feeling more grateful for things definitely helps :) I love going outside too, it just makes you feel so relaxed after a peaceful walk :) xx

  2. Hello, changing mindset is definitely one of the most important and hard to do factors affecting lifestyle. However, it is worth it to give it a go and stick to it at least for some time.

    Connect with me:

    1. That's true! I found that it really helped me out to change the way I look at situations and it really made a difference :) xx

  3. I love this post and amazing points

  4. This is a great post. Improving my quality of life is definitely something I am focused on doing. It was one of my resolutions for the new year, and I will be including some of these in my own life. Thanks so much!

    1. Thank you, i'm glad they have come in handy :) I feel a lot better after trying to improve my quality of life and sticking to it as well :) thank you for reading xx


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