20 Everyday Instagram Thoughts

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I recently got back into my Instagram account and posting some snazzy snaps. I have noticed a few differences in using it before to using it now. They have definitely upped their game dramatically and you couldn't watch short little clips to help pass the time. I'm sure we've all noticed there seems to be certain things that either make it an 'instagram worthy shot' or traditional snaps that we all see. I thought i'd share with you some of my thoughts when i'm scrolling through my inspiration heaven.

Do you ever wonder if people accidentally spill their coffee while trying to take the famous instagram coffee in hand picture in bed?

Or what if it's not even coffee? It could be tea, it's looks like it's either a milky coffee or a not so milky tea. These are the questions of life.

Oh the food picture debate. I don't mind a nice croissant, restaurant food or anything that's presented and looks nice. I really don't like those food shots where it looks like something from sloppy joes.

Am I the only one who hasn't taken one those perfect eyebrow and eye make selfies yet, with perfect contouring and those luscious lips.

Or the one in a tight dress type of outfit and laced up heels, yeah I haven't taken one of those either.

My cats make an appearance sometimes so that does count as an instagram shot?

How difficult is it to actually take pictures of pets. They're always looking away and when they're doing something cute you never have your phone at hand.

Do you ever find that a selfie that would work a few years ago just doesn't seem to be cutting it for instagram anymore. I guess the kardashian klan has taken selfies to a whole new level.

Like, how do people even take those kind of amazing selfies, please tell me there's some photoshop involved.

When you find an instagram account that just has the best selfies and clothes and you have to re evaluate your whole life.

Or finding an account with just loads of quick videos to watch, perfect for when you're tired but not that tired to sleep yet.

Liking a video of something you 'need to remember to do' but never seeing it again so forgetting. This happens a lot for me with d.i.y's.

What about the cactus shot, I always prick myself on them and they're not my friend. How do they not manage to?

The instagram shot where someones like used their knees or something to push their boobs up, like don't hurt yourself there!

I don't know about you, but instagram made me like thing I didn't like before, like stationary, flat lays and donuts. Donuts went from messy sugary things to instagram famous along with the devil cactus.

So the moral of the story is, just be a donut or a plant.

Liking someones picture and they like 5 of yours back like aw you absolute babe, then liking theirs back because you're nice like that.

Follow you then unfollow you one you've followed back like oh okay I thought you liked my feed but maybe another time huh?

No hard feelings because then you get someone who gives you a comment that makes you feel all happy inside.

Or when you get 'the shot' if you know what i'm talking about

What are some of your everyday thoughts on Instagram?

Angie xo 

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  1. Instagram is still a learning curve for me, I mean unless you dedicate yourself and I mean truly dedicate I can't see myself ever being that overly popular on Instagram, I just think it's an essential tool too blogging like behind the scenes :) I really enjoyed reading this I'm glad I'm not alone!!

    Meme xx
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    1. Yeah me either, it's a lot of work to try keep up with putting the best pictures all the time haha, I haven't used it much to promote posts so i'm not sure if it helps with that. I agree with the fact it's a great behind the blog scene & it's great for inspiration too :)
      Angie xx

  2. I've thought so many of these and honestly been a victim to some of them too haha
    Shona x

    1. Oh me too, it happens regularly haha some things do make me laugh but then others are just the norm haha xx


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