Thoughts Everyone Has When They Go Clothes Shopping

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I always find there is a different type of experience that you get physically shopping than from online browsing. Actually seeing the true colours and texture of the clothes, is something that you can't get while surfing the web. I sometimes find there are some things which we may experience when shopping in a clothing store, which may either add to a pleasant shopping trip, or make you wish you just shopped from the comfort of your bed.

Trying to find a space (i'm usually the passenger) on busy shopping days and as you're looking for a space to park, someone behind you leaves a wide open space that you have no time to get to and the car behind quickly swipes in.

Having to repeat "no thank you i'm just looking" in every store you approach and sometimes feeling their eyes monitoring your every moment.

Then later on you're like "oh I do kind of need some help now but you're over there, oh, never mind"

Walking past the window and going in specifically for that item and never actually seeing it apart from the window, is that it? I'm not sure, it looks different, maybe not.

Having too many clothes for the changing room and just one extra bra isn't going to make any difference, plus i'm not really trying it on so does that only count as 6 items?

Buying clothes you're not sure will fit just because you're wearing too many layers or your hair is  actually on your side today and you don't want to ruin it, ah there's always returns right?

Touching anything that feels nice, looks furry or has looks like touchable material. I have a bad habit of doing this but touching items increases the chance of buying them and I guess it kind of works sometimes.

Making sure that when you buy underwear in a clothing store that the nicest ones are on top like yes I don't have snoozy sunday lounge pants behind those.

Having a man serve you and scan your future underwear and kind of give you that raised eyebrow emoji look. Ah stop being creepy please. Oh, how did those lounge pants get in there?

Looking through the whole of the sales rack and finding absolutely nothing but ripped jumpers and thin tops that aren't gonna keep you warm in this season.

Or looking through the sales rack and finding something amazing, your size and it's half price, I hope there's nothing wrong with this!

- Having a drink leftover from your subway and standing outside to quickly down your drink because you can't take it in and you end up getting bloated with juice, I may need a bigger size now.

- When you're dressed up ready to face the day and everyone is hibernating and when it's a slouchy sweater day you end up seeing someone that you haven't spoken to in a while like "I don't always look like this I swear!"

When the shops are closing and you have the debate of which shops are worthy enough to go into as the clock is ticking away.

- So is your parking ticket, did I have until half 5 or half 6? I could go and check but i'd be losing time, but if I don't go then the ticket man won't let me forget.

My favourite is coming out a clothing store with a full bag of new essentials ready for you to take loads of snaps, which some sunny rays could help with that. For me though, it doesn't work out as expected! Haha

What are some of the thoughts and things you experience when you go shopping?

Angie xo

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  1. Great post! I'm also one for touching all the clothes!! My boyfriend gets annoyed by it - he's like why do you need to touch everything especially when you don't even like half the stuff you do touch!

    KT xo.

    1. Thank you :) yeah it must look annoying sometimes to be with us when we're doing that but sometimes we just can't help it! Especially when it's so fluffy, it's like the same feeling we get when we see a fluffy cat haha xx

  2. Haha me and my boyfriend got a subway last weekend and we awkwardly snuck our drinks into Waterstones. I know that feeling haha.


    1. Haha a book store must be funnier because there's paper everywhere haha, you just don't want to throw it away haha xx

  3. Loved this! I hate the dressing room limit, it drives me mad and it's always something like a bra or sunglasses that they freak out over xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. Thank you :) Yeah exactly haha, I don't know why they do especially when it's such a small item haha xx

  4. Haha this was such an awesome post, related to it so much, I have a love hate relationship with shopping, some days I really enjoy going and others I really can't be bothered, I prefer going on my own because I can spend as long as I like in a shop and go to the shops I want to, shopping with my boyfriend is a nightmare because he just waits in the middle of the shop looking bored as heck and give's me the 'are you done yet' stare,LOL.
    I don't mind men serving me in clothes shop's it's when you're getting personal items like pads or pregnancy tests(we've all had those scares) or something and they look so bloody awkward.

    Meme xx

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    1. Aw thank you :) haha I know exactly what you mean, I feel the exact same shopping with mine too haha. I feel like he's bored just waiting for my to look at clothes but because sometime, I just have a quick browse so I don't feel like i'm taking forever haha. When i'm on my own I don't feel the need to rush as much but then sometimes I don't have anyone to ask if I should buy this or not haha
      Yeah they're so awkward about it, they shouldn't be though!

  5. Hahaha! This post is so true! Some days I am so indecisive, I literally make my mind just a few minutes before the shops close. x

    1. I always find those purchases that are made under pressure are usually the ones where i'm like ahh what did I buy?! Haha xx

  6. This was so fun to read and so relatable. I especially relate to the one about not trying clothes on because I've got to many layers or my hair looks good. ahahah


    1. Thank you :) Haha, I really don't like trying on clothes then because you either have to take off and put on so many things or you don't want to ruin your hair haha xx


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