First blog post!

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Hello! :)  

Do you feel like you want to focus your mind on a creative outlet, something you've wanted to do for a while, something new and exciting? That is the exact position I am in now, but at times you just need that final gust of wind to finally get you going. I've always had a passion to write about something that I could use the things I've learned, improve on and just give you my view. 

Lifestyle comes into mind for various trips, spontaneous places to visit or even holidays. A dash of beauty related articles could get thrown in and even some styles that you could incorporate into your wardrobe. I would like this creative outlet to be my own and not follow a certain trend. From various posts, to start blogging this year, suggests the blogging atmosphere has changed, I wouldn't like to let that put a grey cloud to start. I don't think there is a certain procedure to blog, I will just make it fun and relaxed and put as much of my energy into it I can. :) 

Thank you for reading!

Angie xo

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