5 Things I love about summer

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Things to love about summer

Oh how the warm sensation from the sun and clear blue skies have been long awaited! Summer is my favourite time of the year despite being a winter baby, perhaps that's why. It feels good to wave goodbye to the frostly cold days and wrapping up in heaps of layers for a while, yay! There are so many things that make me excited about summer- pretty much everything.

Smile for the camera- I always feel so happy when the suns out, it's one of the greatest things about it. Walking along with just a smile on your face like I'm happy, it's sunny, I'm feeling good. It's okay 'cos everyone else will be smiling too. :) 

Sippin' in sunshine- We're always getting told to drink up on water but in the colder months we're drinking coffee and warm drinks to keep toasty. The warmer weather tends to make us want to hydrate more on water so hooray for drinking more water! Only once you feel you're reaching the recommended amount, they throw in a couple more ml due to the fact we need more water in summer, uhh thanks!

Freezer friend - We tend to forget about this the rest of the time or at least less often in the year. Stocking up on refreshing freezer treats like ice cream always adds to the summer vibe, just not when it melts over your shoe or hands. Ice cold frozen juice or water also makes a refreshing beverage to tackle the heat and works wonders in this weather. 

cocktail party drinks beach holiday

Jet setting away- It doesn't even have to be getting on a plane, summer is the best time to go on a road trip, new places to experience and even time (and weather) for the things you may not always have the opportunity to do during the year. Does eating at a new place count as new experience? I hope! Even just refreshing walks through the park are sensational in summer because you feel the sun beaming on your body, even going one step further and pulling out those shades, oh hi July! The days are generally longer so more rays coming this way.

Scenic sunshine- I don't know if you've noticed this but when the earths orbit has finally reached the designated distance, as the suns travelling lower in the sky, there are some spectacular views of the sunset. The way the colours blend in with eachother to form various shades of red, orange, pink, purples, ah so many! It just looks amazing and it never seems to look the same any two nights. I think the different variation of blends of colours is a really relaxing scenic view. :) I haven't taken many in a while though.

lovely view of sunset in bulgaria

What is your favourite thing about summer? 

Angie xo

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