Beauty Mistakes I Used to Make

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Just like our fashion sense increases, so does our experience of things we should or should not be doing. I'm sure we've all looked back at a picture and seen an accessory or something that we just want to cringe at. 2-in-1 hair and body glitter? Oh yeah. Looking back at those kind of photos make me feel the same as when I look back and think of some of the beauty mistakes that appeared in my routine, oh dear! Although, I'm glad we can look back now an appreciate how far we've come and what we've learned along the way. Did you make these same beauty mistakes?

Rubbing hair dry with a towel: If you wrap your hair in a towel after you've washed your hair, high five sister. This is probably a better method of hair drying than the way I previously did. I was unaware that vigorously rubbing the towel all over my head was causing all sorts of damage here and there that could have been avoided. Looking back thinking how delicate hair is when it's wet and then doing that, oooh, let's just say i'm glad we've realised now!

Shampoo everywhere: I'm sure when we were younger and washing our hair we'd just get a big pile of shampoo and rub it all over our hair. Pulling your over shampooed hair up with your hands to give yourself a mohawk or other bubbled shampoo hairstyles, while using the bubbles in the tub to make a bubble beard. Oh, what fun! Our hair can thank us for just applying it just on the roots rather than slathering it all over which dries it out.

Teasing: I don't know if you remember when big teased hair was kinda 'in', don't worry, mine wasn't that big and crazy, but I would often vigorously tease my hair, which makes me sorta, kinda, cringe! This is because out of all these things I probably done this a little bit more and when it was looking flatter than it was an hour ago, re-tease! Although the good thing is, that if we did these things years ago, hopefully the hair that sustained the damage has slowly been cut out, yeah!

Straightening hair a bit wet: Ahhh. What. Was. I. Even. Doing. Sometimes when I wasn't quite running on time and my hair was almost dry but with small wet parts here and there. I would go over those bits with my straightener to dry it and straighten it at the same time, oh dear! That clearly wasn't a lightbulb moment because that probably wasn't the best thing for my hair, which I'm glad I realised, phew.

Moisturiser/foundation: I would slather my face with probably like a body cream or something because who knew at that time you use particular ones for your face. I would then lather on foundation on a just moisturised face, pretty much straight away without letting it dry, the cream probably wasn't even rubbed in enough haha. I would worry when my foundation would slip and slide off my face soon after.

Layering on mascara like spider legs: I wasn't quite at stage for false eyelashes, plus they weren't all so good back then, some would fall off or would be overly dramatic for everyday. So I thought i'd recreate my own false lashe effect by layering on various mascaras. I don't know why I did this, maybe I thought the more the better, but my eyelashes would be so thick with spider legs mascara. I can't even tell you how much of a burden it was for to take it off afterwards!

Mascara brush- Not only was I was lathering on my spider legs lashes, which I really hope didn't look as bad as I thought, I was also pumping the mascara brush too much. If you pumped the brush continuously in the mascara tube, don't worry, most of us did that. Until we learnt that it intact pushes air through the tube and dries out your mascara quicker. Cheers to another few weeks of use!

Foundation not match my face- If this one wasn't a wake up call for me I don't know what would have been. I remember once when I just came back from holiday, naturally I opted for a darker foundation. I probably thought my skin had tanned enough for that shade, so after glancing through pictures I was tagged in, to my horror my overly dark face was greeted by my pale neck. I was mortified because I was wearing a white top that contrasted with my orange face even more and there I was, tagged in it. I suppose we all live and learn and it makes me extra cautious now so I suppose in a way it kind of helped haha.

I'm glad we've all come a really long way from doing these little mistakes and we can just look back and laugh, what are some of the beauty mistakes you've made?

Angie xo

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  1. Great post, I'm with you on the towel dried hair xxxx

  2. Thank you :) Haha, at least we use a better technique for drying it now

    Angie xxx

  3. Such a great, funny post - I'm cringing at some of the bad, beauty choices I made! I still shampoo all my hair, so I'll have to change that!

    Alice / Alice Grace Beauty


  4. Haha yeah those moments are so funny to look back on and the choices we made haha

    Angie x


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