Small Things You Can Do To Relax

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Relaxation is an important function for our bodies as the effects of every day life sometimes catches up with our body, leaving us feeling the need for some relaxation. I generally find this in occurs more in the colder weather where I generally feel the tiredness creeps up with me a little more, often feeling like another cup of our favourite caffeinated beverage to perk me up. Sometimes we just need to treat ourselves to some 'us time' where we just chill out, relax and do little things for ourselves to get us through winter until we approach the sweet spring.

Paint your nails your favourite colour after trimming, filing and buffing them to your desire. Fill up a small bowl of water with a few drops of essential oils to really bring some moisture back into your hands. Smooth soft hands always feel lovely,  compared to dryer hands that occur in the winter.

Plan a day out with someone or ask if they have some ideas for amazing day out. You can find good deals with wowcher for days out/dining or other local deal site if you're not looking to overly spend. You can find really good ones in places you'd already go to like 40% off your final bill in Pizza Express which I always seem to forget to use.

Invite people over or someone close to share your new or favourite recipes that you can impress them with. You could host your own wine n' dine meal, or minus the wine depending on your preference. Heart warming food in the colder months is always a great way to have a good time, while making something delicious for everyone to enjoy.

Spend some time offline, with everything being online I don't usually just sit there and read a magazine but I feel relaxed when I flick through it, even if most of the pages are just perfume adverts. Sometimes having time out from the web of internet means you can enjoy other things and even notice the things around you that may not have before. 

Spend a day just relaxing with movies, get super comfy with your fluffiest blankets and furry slippers. Pop a bag of microwave popcorn and without worrying about calories because popcorn is sweetcorn and sweetcorn is healthy right? So it's all good.

Spritz sense inducing scents around your home or the room that you're mostly in, so every now and again you get a whiff of sweet aromas. You could even get an automatic one that plugs into the wall and sprays an amazing scent every half an hour, or how long you set it to.

You can also add a soothing candle to burn which will replace some of that long lost light we lose earlier in the day in winter, while the flickering flame in the background can add a soothing ambience.

After you've relaxed with soothing scents you can treat your body to some love and care with your favourite pampering products, you can dedicate the day to a spa like day so it feels more special pampering treat, rather than a usual routine. 

Most importantly just relax your body, think positive thoughts and enjoy the little moments in life. We're not that far away from spring which means that we've done well battling through winter and the grass will be literally greener on the other side, because spring means a bit more sunshine will head our way, hopefully!

What are some of the ways you relax?

Angie xo

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  1. Nice article, you collected well the relaxing things! My favorite is watching movie with popcorn! I cannot bored it! :)

  2. Yeah watching a movie with popcorn is quite relaxing especially when it's a good movie :)

  3. Great post :) movie nights are my favourite ones!
    Paula |

  4. Thank you :) they are so nice for just chilling out :)


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