How to Beat the January Blues

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The crisp wintery air and dark cold nights can sometimes leave us feeling a bit down in the dumps. We make feel a bit low on energy and summer can seem like light years away (i'm aware it's not a unit of time but if it was, it would seem like forever!) Sometimes we may need something to boost us up in the wintery season, to help you through those days where you want to roll into a cacoon and hibernate.

• You-time: What better way to turn your frown into a smile by bringing out the face-masks and fruity smelling body scrub! It's your time to shine! - literally! If you can't find any products to use then nothing says home spa treatment like a good d.i.y face mask. An amazing scented candle burning in the background can set a relaxing ambience for your me-time spa session. 

• Pizza party: Okay I don't mean literally a party full of pizza but the more I think about it the better it sounds! I was thinking more just getting a few movies with a close one  and ordering any kind of greasy but-oh-so-tasty once in a while food to treat ourselves for shivering all day- we must have lost some calories from that, right? Yep, where's the menu?

• Walk down memory lane: It may be feeling frosty but if you take a nice refreshing walk, even for half an hour will really help to pick you up. Breathing in the crisp air can really awaken your senses and give you that added energy boost you need. You can go for a walk by yourself, with your dog or you can take someone close for a brisk stroll in a beautiful park. This can also help to battle any stress levels and your immune system will thank you. 

• Boost our heart rate: You could always lift up your mood by lifting some weights or cans of beans instead, haha. Exercise of any sort can boost your mood by releasing serotonin or better known as feel-good chemicals! You will help our body batter the winter blues and feel better in the long run, we will not let winter defeat us!

• Cherry tomatoes: Our pizza feast may taste ah-mazing but if you're feeling slumped out by 4pm then by nibbling on bits of fruit, veggie sticks and high fibre foods, you might be able to make your afternoon slump last until a bit later. You could switch to snacking on vegetables like carrot sticks and tomatoes to give you some energy. Fruit is also a refreshing snack to give us some vitamins that we may be lacking in the wintery months. 

Feel good from the inside: That brings me to say, just concentrate on making yourself feel good! You've done well so far and spring isn't so far away which is just one step closer to summer. Try to make some time for yourself to relax, munch out with a few movies. Just remember everyone has those wintery days where they feel so low, sometimes lacking some sunshine can make us feel a bit down in the dumps and we forget all the good days we've had and feel like it's all doom! The summer months will be here eventually and we can all have that to look forward to. For now, we can enjoy wrapping up in cosy blankets with a warm drink, hopefully enjoying the wintery season.

I wish you warm wishes in beating the winter blues! :)

Angie xo

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  1. Boosting my heart rate and going on jogs 100% always cheer me up! x

    Vintage haven featuring Boohoo over on -

    1. Yeah exactly :) Even light physical activity like yoga can help :) but no one ever regrets a good jog or workout :) x


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