Things I Don't Understand

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There are just some things in life that I don't get, these are more jokey things, which are not affecting my life in any way. This is more of a fun filled 'why?' kind of post, which you may be able to relate to as well. Or maybe you might be like I don't understand this post? Haha, I don't understand why...

Why socks always go missing in the wash: I always wonder why, not always, but often I will be greated with just one sock out of the washing pile. There has definitely got to be a sock monster or something roaming around because I had a small collection of just single socks hoping that the other one will appear. Needless to say I threw them all out because they didn't. Oh,  damn socks! That super soft new sock feeling is amazing so I guess that's a bonus.

Why some clothes don't like the wash: Another issue relating to washing clothes is that of course some materials are better than others so of course they will last longer. Although, I could buy something on sale and it lasts reasonably a while through different cycles of washing. Some other items seem to be like oh no lets get ruined and with all those little bubbly bits on them, to make them look frazzled and just not so lovely to wear. I guess socks aren't the only thing on my to-buy list haha!

Why when I make a soft place to sleep for my cats they don't go on it: My cats seem to take a liking to sleeping in my room. Although sometimes Lizzie [the one curled up] will try to climb on my legs with the laptop on them as well. She tires to walk on the keys and then I move the laptop so it's in the air with my hand holding it away from her and her paws. She then starts licking herself to get comfy and I'm holding my laptop in the air while she's nice and comfy. Then I decide i'm not going to to be able to work from my laptop like while she's on my legs and then give her a blanket to sleep on instead.

Why roots grow faster when you've just dyed your hair: I haven't died my hair in a while because i'm trying to grow out my natural colour, for as long as I can,(hopefully!) although when I was dying my hair my roots would grow out like a sunflower field. Now that I'm not dying my roots they're too cosy sitting in their follicles not wanting to come out. 

How people get perfect eyebrows: Instagram eyebrows are just amazing, like, how are they doing this? I think using the correct tools might help as well so I am on a quest to master these eye-catching eyebrows! Haha

There are a few things that make me wonder, I may do one relating to more useful things like why is sky blue kind of questions. I hope you enjoyed reading them. Do you have any?

Angie xo

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