When Life Doesn't Go to Plan

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We may enter each year with our tall champagne flutes placed in our hands and an optimistic expectation of the amazing year that is yet to come. Chanting phrases like "this year is going to be the year"or "my best year yet" and then what happens when the year doesn't live up to those expectations? Well, they seem a lot worse because we're picking out all of the things that appear to make it the year from 'hell' because we started the year with really high expectations. Getting hit with an unexpected knock down may not what have been envisioned, but we can get past these situations and not let them defeat us.

We don't have to start the year with an view that isn't an optimistic one of the upcoming months, although a neutral approach may have been better to not give the year such high expectations. So when something doesn't go the way you plan, we imediately begin to focus just on the negatives that have occurred because they're so different from our positive reconstruction of what we had imagined the year to be.

Now something has gone wrong and those things are so apparent to us, like a fox's tail is when it's hiding from a crow. We can feel a kind of uncertainty or unhappiness when our actual expectation of something is different from what our perceived image of that situation is. That's why you may feel like you're having a bad day or a bad year because theres a contrast from what you expected it to be. Putting the notion across that your week isn't going so well, you may then start to notice only the negative things, kind of like a self-fulling prophecy.

Trying not to put such unrealistic expectation on life may allow us to experience the negative things without them being such a burden. Like for example, you're having a cheeky browse in your favourite store, you've got 10 minutes until the train and hey if I miss it I guess i'll have to just stay in here and browse some more. If you find a good deal that attracts your attention and you're onto a winner, whatever life throws at you that day you can say hey, life, I didn't really expect much from today but I picked up a snazzy new jumper that I'm not even sure what i'm going to wear it with, or even why I got it, but today's a good day.

You can find a better way of perceiving life in other situations which can give you that extra push to get you through your day and overcoming them may not be as hard as we thought. When life doesn't go in the way expected, bring yourself to climb on top of it and be stronger than those fallbacks that are part of life. Unrealistic images of life such as Disney movies made us believe that everything is just luscious smelling roses. Of course we know that just like the easter bunny and the big bearded guy, it wasn't exactly a true reality. However, one thing we did learn from those movies is just when a bad situation arises, there was always a way to fix and recover from it.

Realising that when life isn't always the way planned for it to unfold when something arises that we don't like, we can get over it and to not let that wave knock us down, we've still got the rest of the year to enjoy and for good things to come. Appreciating and cherishing when they do, makes us realise that obstacles were put in place in order for us to climb and to be driven to overcome them.

"We have to embrace obstacles to reach the next stage of joy"- Goldie Hawn

Angie xo

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  1. This is great advice! Love it!

    1. Thank you, i'm not even sure if my message came across or it just sounding like waffling haha

  2. Really good blog post! Reading this I do realise that not everything goes to plan and you shouldn't be let down by it :)

    Kathy xx

    1. Thank you :) Yeah exactly, that's the best approach to take :) xx

  3. I really loved reading this. Its so true and relateable. We all start the year off thinking that this year will be different, it will be so much better, and when we get hit with unexpected circumstances, or failures, we are all too hard on ourselves for not realizing that, no matter what the year, there will always be hiccups and bumps in the road. Its called life! I spent New Years Even on the couch with my pup, while my boyfriend had to work, and it was the best. I went to bed before the ball dropped, didn't set up a resolution, and here I am, still enjoying the year.

    Great article, love your blog layout too!


    1. Yeah, exactly! You put that across in such a great way and that's the best way to be about it, that way your expectations don't stop you from enjoying the rest of the year. There will always be things put in your way but overcoming them is the best part. I stopped setting myself News Years resolutions too, because I felt much happier when I didn't make goals, which some where quite unrealistic. Not giving us ourselves such as hard time can really pay off and we can spend more time feeling happy instead :)
      Thank you for your lovely comments :)

      Angie xx


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