5 things I hope to do this summer

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Longer days and shorter nights means more exciting things to do in summer! It doesn't mean we have more hours in the day, we just have more hours to enjoy the daylight, sunshine and a tropical breeze.. Coming from the fan. At the beginning of the summer I was thinking 'there's so much I want to do, I'm going to do this, go here and eat this!' I still have a few things I'd like to experience but after narrowing it down to things I could actually do- climbing up rocky mountains and treacherous rainforests with bear grylls is off the table, I came up with things I'd like to do during the summer months.

Scenic parks and greenery- Everyone loves green parks, I can't remember the last time I walked through one and not felt in a good mood. Parks with nature and massive trees and colourful plants are so relaxing to be around. I would like to find some more or revisit some I've already been to and just breathe in that crisp fresh air. Oh, not forgetting to let the breath back out again. 

Something nuts- It's not something I'd see myself doing but I've been rockclimbing once and that experience wasn't the worst, but also wasn't the best either. One thing it is, is quite thrilling, just don't look down!

Roaming the river- I just want to get in a little canoe or kayak and paddle along a relaxing river with enjoyable scenery and just hope it doesn't tip over because being drenched is not a good look.

New things to munch- Find some new refreshing recipes to tangle my tastebuds seems like a must this summer. Foods which are too heavy aren't always the best in hot sticky weather but light food recipes, I need to make more of. Or just find somewhere they serve freshly made icy smoothies.

Splashing around- I haven't actually been to a pool in a while. Swimming pools didn't seem very appealing as a chlorine filled tub, but realising there's more to life then a bit of chlorine (and shampoos for after you swim) I kind of want to hit the pool and feel refreshed in the heat.

Land marks and other places- I haven't actually been to a landmark or something like a museum in a while, the stereotype of them has usually been a bit boring and dull. Although if you find a good interesting museum with fun things to do, it doesn't even feel like you're in one. The science museum I visited on school trips always seemed quite interesting. They even have a section where you're in a supermarket and it reenacts what an earthquake would feel like while the ground shakes and it does make you think. Perhaps after, a nice breezy boat trip on the river, sippin' a few mojitos. 

Fun in the sun memories- There's nothing like a new place to leave a place in your memory bank to look back on. Sometimes it's even better when you spontaneously come across something you didn't think you would do. I don't know why sometimes they're the best days, it could be because you're not expecting anything exciting to happen, so when it does its extra exciting.

They are just a selection of things I'd like to do in summer, the list is endless. What are you looking forward to do this summer?

Angie xo 

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