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How to grow long nails natural way

Do you seem to just never get your nails to grow no matter what you do? They might chip or keep breaking off and then you're stuck with the dreaded plaster of doom, where someone asks 'oh what did you do, are you okay' and then you hesitantly reply 'I broke a nail'. You seem to want to remind them that for some unknown reason it actually hurts a lot! If you don't feel lucky in the nail growing department there are a number of factors that can help your nails grow to the desired extent.

Nail shape: When growing out your nails do you have them pointy? I've noticed a dramatic change to when I keep them straight and filed across rather than pointy. They're less prone to breakage for me, perhaps if your nails tend to break this may hopefully help you on the road to longer nails.

Vitamins: I'm sure skin, hair and nails vitamins are something you are familiar with or have heard of. I always seem to take these on and off, I stick to it when I first open them and after a week I forget one day and it ruins the whole thing. Sometimes we're lacking the right amount of nutrients, so they may help give you the boost you need. Even though there have been various debates on these, some people swear by them. You could perhaps give them a go and see if they help the condition of your nails but this is not essential.

Nail Useage: 'Ooh there's a bit of tape stuck there let me just scrape that off' yeah I do that too sometimes! Although I tend to avoid it as much as possible because using them too much for a multipurpose toolbox probably isn't probably the best idea for nail condition.

Base & top coat: They may be small, but those little bottles can really perk up the look of your nails while growing. As the product is coated on a few times creating layers, it provides a barrier between your nails. As a result, along with a base and/or top coat it may help your nails to become much stronger and avoid less chipping and more growing! 

Calcium: Ah, milk. You either love, hate, or have a lactose intolerance to it. As long as you can get some calcium in your body. Whether it's cheese, yoghurt or even a hot choc with milk. Just any of that needed calcium and you can avoid those white things on your soon-to-hopefully-be-long nails.

Water: It goes without saying that weak, limp nails could be helped by some hydration. It seems what when you're lacking some of that h20 it seems to affect everything from hair to skin to even inside bodily functions. So let's all cheers to trying to drink more water. 

I hope you have a successful journey to growing long, if not at least strong nails.
What do you use to get your nails to grow nicely? :)

Angie xo

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