How I got my hair in better condition

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Conditioned, healthy hair in relatively good condition is what I've been aiming for, for a long time. I can finally say after various techniques and thoughts that my hair was destined to never grow, it is an at least a tameable condition. Constant hair dye and straighteners had taken a few singes on my hair. Hair striaghtners didn't have ceramic plates which help at least a little bit. Do you even remember using heat protection when we were younger? Like really young, I can't haha! I was under the impression my hair was damaged beyond repair because despite using conditioning products, my hair didn't feel like it was growing and it was the damn products not working! Of course it wasn't, I just needed one of those over-the-top hairdressers who cut off way too much than you need, yeah I needed her & her scissors to go crazy with my hair and chop it off.

Trim- So as stated already, your hairdresser probably said, your friend told you and every healthy hair post ever also mentioned, but seriously making an appointment in a nice salon, with experienced hair stylists and a nice atmosphere is the top of the list of things you can do for your hair. An artist's painting wouldn't turn out as amazing if they started painting on a dirty canvass. It's similar to your hair that it's the basis for growing out hair and starting with it in good condition. Seeing the healthy ends of my hair in comparison to dry splitting ends, overrules the thought of getting it cut. Treat yourself girl! 

Some hair D.I.Y - We're so used to buying products already made for us to just simply spritz spray and shine. Some products do appear to have a positive effect, but for me nothing works as well slathering on some at home remedies using ingredients probably already in our cupboards. I feel like these are a must for at home pampering and relaxation. The enjoyment of making my own hair mask is escalated knowing everything in there is natural, good for my hair and there isn't a secret added bit of alcohol in there. Oh yes, we know.  

Treat your strands with care - As we all know, the main culprit for damaged split ends are extreme temperatures and dying our hair. I got to a point where I knew that if I wanted my hair to grow like rupenzel, I had to stop adding more colour to the already damaged hair and just let it grow out. After quite a few debates about whether I should dye it back to my orginal colour. My hair dresser sat with my and the book of coloured hair that I used to always be so fascinated by as a child while in the waiting area in the salon. A book of hair sticking out the pages so you can see what colour you wanted, seemed like this amazing three dimensional book. Anyway, we opted for an ombré and with every hair colour, it looked better when it was first done but I had to refrain from the temptation to redo it at least for as long as possible. Compared to my very often hair dying ritual before, I feel a lot better that my hands aren't itching for hair dye and neither is my scalp.

Yanking - Imagine the feeling of ripping, pulling, yanking a hard hair brush though your hair, ouch! Okay now to get that horrible image and almost a phantom headache just thinking about that, imagine gliding your hairbrush slowly through your strands with so much ease. That's what we're aiming for, so starting from the bottom or brushing your hair in sections such as clipping some back. It makes the ends of the hair tangle free before you reach the top to allow for a smooth gliding motion and hassle free brushing, until you step outside and you're united with some fiery wind, thanks!

What do you do to keep your hair in good condition? 

Angie xo

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