First ever time fake tanning! Review of St Tropez mouse and boost kit

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St Tropez Self Tan Fake Tan Mousse and Boost Kit

It had never occurred to me that I would anticipate using a self tan, reading about unfortunate sunbed experiences scared me and the thought of looking bottle-orange and streaked also turned me in the other direction. Eeek! I finally took the plunge after an exhausting research of various reviews, such as looking like a bronze godess (yes, please!) the phrase '..streaky tan' kept appearing and was putting me in doubt. 

So after a long debate of various reviews I invested in what seemed to be the one with the most positive vibes which was St Tropez. I mean, even the name sounds like a tropical paradise of golden goodness, well that's what we're aiming for right? I hope!
St Tropex self tan review

I used the St Tropez mouse and booster kit and they kindly threw in a mitt. I found the product application a treat to apply as it came out as mousy and chocolatetly, which was incredibly easy to apply. The smell however wasn't as nice and chocolatetly but wasn't as biscuity as I imagined. This was only upon application, other than that I didn't smell anything. Another bonus was that I instantly saw the darker colour so I could see where I applied the product, but I used the smallest pumps because I didn't want to over do it, but if I had put more it wouldn't have. The colour looks quite natural and I definitely wouldn't say orangey or anything. 

The only downfall was through no fault other than my own as I wasn't generous with the product on my face, so under my eyes is a little white, but some darker foundation will help I hope! I think next time I'll focus on my face more rather than expecting the foundation will sort that out. 
So for a first tan experience, in which I was worried it would turn out disastrous, I think I'd actually like a first class ticket on the tanning wagon please! Maybe a second class perhaps.

What was your first tanning experience like and/or what is your favourite tanner? 

Angie xo

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