The Little Things That Make Me Happy

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Sometimes it's just the little things in life that we feel grateful for or happy for their existence. Not necessarily material items, but things that just bring a smile to our face at the time we need it the most. For example, recently I was sitting in my garden, just breathing in some clean fresh air and taking a break from the havoc of life. While I was having a life evaluation, unexpectedly, an adorable butterfly flew near me and perched it's self on my leg. I was overjoyed with excitement because of such a rare sight that I've never even been close enough to a butterfly to see its vibrant colours and shapes. So when it stayed on my bright pink joggers, I kind of just forgot about the problems of life and just admired the smaller things in life and it kind of made me feel like Dr. Doolittle for small creatures, up until the point it eventually flew away.

#1 Small unexpected gestures at times when you need it the most is just such a lovely feeling. I woke up feeling tired, drained and saw a coffee downstairs, still warm waiting for me. It's the thought that when I needed it the most it was there and was a needed energy enhancer that I was very greatful for.

#2 Doing nice gestures also makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside because knowing you've made sometimes day or smile, you can't help it but be happy back.

#3 Taking a brisk stroll and discovering parks is always an interesting thing to do with someone close while having an in-depth chat about things you wouldn't expect while enjoying the lovely scenery.

#4 Hearing someone saying thank you and also saying those greatful words to someone. Just the overall appreciation and happiness that is transferred by saying those words, means a lot.

#5 Stumbling across a new skill and learning something new. Drawing a child would occupy my mind along with all of the creative d.i.y projects that would end up looking the complete opposite to how I expected. I took a pencil to paper the other day and felt such a wave of relaxation and creativity that I remembered before.

#6 Those days where you don't anticipate anything exciting to happen, but you spontaneously stumble upon something and a new memory has just been added to your inventory. Win!

#7 People around me who I feel greatful to have around me and everything they have done for me. Helping me in situations that I need them the most and just being there in general, thank you!

#8 My cat jumping on my lap and getting cosy while dreaming about catnip. When she falls asleep, it makes me also feel chilled, like all problems seem so small when you have a furry friend sleeping on you. Apart from when that furry friend doesn't want to move and you need to get up.

I am greatful and happy for so many more exciting things in life, at some point though, the list has to end so I'm ending it here or it will never end, haha. What are you happy and greatful for?

Angie xo

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