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Spending time at an amazing aquarium with so many variaties of water species felt like such a relaxing day. From little nemo and dory fish to actual sharks, this aquarium appeared to have a lot of interesting things to see. One of the staff took pictures of us and asked us to look like a shark was coming towards us, we looked at the picture in booklet you can buy at the end and we just closed the book, like no way are we buying this picture of us looking scared, haha.  Just one snap with a generous amount of flash was not working well for my eyes either.

I never actually thought there would be sharks here but at the beginning of our water filled journey, my heart did skip a bit of a beat as we walked on top of the sharks. They were in a massive tank which you get to see better further but for a metre or so you can look at the fish and sharks gliding underneath you and it does take your breath away. After approaching the tank from a different view, we could see the sharks in full motion, swishing their scary bodies through the water. It amazed me that all the smaller fish were happily swimming near them, either there was a friendly shark or strong fish who aren't afraid of a big scary shark with even scarier teeth. Even so, they weren't charging through the water and it was intriguing to see them in their natural state.

After strolling on glass overlooking the tank, the roles switched and all the water species were swimming over the top of us. Walking through the tunnel was an interesting experience because unless you are a scuba diver or in the ocean, way way down, you don't always get to see them from the underside angle. You do also come out with some funny pictures to laugh at as well, haha! 

Watching the mini Terrapins swim around which are like little turtles were actually so cute. Trying to move their little arms to get some food was quite funny to watch when the terrapin specialists were feeding them. At the same time there was a talk which spoke about them and how as babies they're tiny things that eventually grow and there isn't usually enough space for them. So at some point they were people's pets and now they've gathered in one place and have loads of mini terrapin friends to splash around with.

What's black, white and waddles around the place? Penguins! Definitely my favourite of them all and I would go again just to see the Penguins! What I like about this aquarium is that they adjust the temperatures exactly how they would be if they were in the Arctic (and for all of the species there) so you could imagine how cold it was in there, but they didn't seem to mind. This made them much more interesting to watch seeing them as close to their natural habitat as possible. These Penguins seemed to have a routine of splashing into the water and I didn't know they could swim so fast, zooming through the water and they pop back up and out of the water and of course this is so fun they keep doing it again. The daddy penguins were standing guarding their eggs and keeping them toasty in those chilly Arctic conditions, so adorable.

What's your favourite thing to see at an aquarium?

Angie xo

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