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Feeling the breeze through your hair and gliding along enjoyable green scenery on a bike is such a relaxing way to spend the day. I haven't actually been on a bike since I was a child, I would anticipate getting on my new red bike without stabalisers and zoom through the park. After a few bike-less years, we looked up at a hire cycle centre and got on the bikes, cycling through various bike trails of different intensities with relaxing countryside views.

Burn baby burn - Just like anything that gets your body moving and your heart rate pumping is a good weight loss aid. Cycling burns a decent amount of calories without even feeling like you're exercising. Unless you're travelling up hills, then get ready to change gear and try to defeat them! For a 60 minute bike ride travelling at a constant speed you could be burning around 500 calories per hour. Not bad for an adventurous afternoon cycle.

Tones all over - Cycling not only just tones your legs as you're moving them to push your way through gravity, but it tones your body all over. Your core is also involved when in pedal pushing because it's what keeps you centured, stabilised and is another vital muscle used in cycling. 

Energy boost! - Who says energy needs to come from a drink, we can create our own fuel of energy by cycling even just once a week- I could do once a month, maybe! Getting your heart elevated, as a result will boost your energy levels and with regular activity, making you feel less tired in the steamy hot months.

Less stress - Some workouts can be quite stranous for people just starting to workout. Cycling can help you beat the exercise gloom as cycling puts less stress on your joints, your knees and spine if cycling correctly. As your blood pressure lowers, pushing those pedals can help in order to bring your blood pressure lower which in turn makes you overall healthier and happier.

Let's have some fun in the sun - Riding your bike through the bike trials or just anywhere that's bike-friendly is one of the most enjoyable ways to exercise. What I like about cycling is that 'free' kind of feeling you have just zooming through the air and nothing matters in time, everything is just so relaxing. There are times when you can take a break from pedalling and your bike will take you zooming down hills, wishing you had brought a hair band. If you feel up to it grab someone, hop on a couple of bikes and it should be an enjoyable day out. 

What do you enjoyable about cycling? Or do you prefer another type of way to exercise?

Angie xo

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