How to wake up feeling more energised

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Longer nights in summer effectively means sometimes we're staying up later, tossing and turning in bed in the clammy weather and just feeling a wave of a mid summer slump. Summer does come with its benefits, although we need to be properly awake through it to enjoy them. So let's try to battle the mid-summer energy slump.

Midnight munches- Waking up feeling groggy and tired could be due to eating too close to when you hit the sheets. This means that your body can't use its energy for regenerating while you sleep because its too busy digesting your midnight meal. So what happens if we're starving? Going to bed hungry isn't advisable either as not being able to sleep because your stomach is growling isn't going to help for a refreshed sleep. You could grab some fruits or carrot sticks for example as they're easy to digest and won't take up your beauty sleep energy.

Burn some energyDo you find that exercising tends to give you energy the next day? After a workout I feel quite boosted while warming those muscles but soon after I hit a I-need-to-eat-everything-slump and then I just want to relax and chill. I find I wake up the next day with more energy to deal with whatever life throws at me. Just not more push ups, please!

Unwind & rewind- Laying in bed, all stretched out, scrolling through things on our phone is probably one of the most frequent and strangely enjoyable things. My mind always seems to be more alert, reading things seem to be more interesting and cute cats jumping like kangeroos is taking up too much attention, aw! Although it's relaxing to just lay in bed, I feel like reading more paper backed books rather than electronic reading. If you're finding it difficult to fall a sleep, it helps to unwind if you're not looking at a screen, but find other ways to unwind before bed. Oh but the kangeroo cats! 

Careful with caffeine- Your late night treat of caffeine and chocolate could be keeping you awake and I've definitely fallen victim to this. If you can it's best to avoid anything caffeinated like a steamy cup of coffee or a chunk or 10 of dark chocolate after 2pm, sometimes it's even suggested before 12. That's pushing it, by 12 is when I'm debating a second one!

Something exciting - When you have something to look forward to, do you seem to wake up with more energy and excitement for the day? Try to arrange something enjoyable to look forward to, to give you that boost of energy to get you trough the day. It doesn't even have to be a massive event or anything that big at all. Even something small like cooking up a nice surprise for someone, or eating out so someone else can take care of that for you. It can be anything that just puts a smile on your face and gives you that morning rush to get you through the day.

I'd like to hear what your tips are for feeling energised in the morning?

P.s. Excuse the cat pictures, it was better than using pictures of me sleeping, haha.

Angie xo

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