Good Things about Growing Up

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I couldn't think of anything better than putting on my mums heels and wanting to just hurry up to grow a few inches and grow up. Although some people may have various thoughts about getting older, and comparing it to the carefree life of our former selfs, we should take note from how we used to be with the way we cluld just forget about a situation within a heartbeat. Growing up however does come with its positives which I have discovered along the way and am glad to have reached.

Being able to cook whatever you want to make, it opened up more opportunities of meals I haven't tried before. 

Being able to buy your own things rather than the long wait 2 years later, when it's no longer in fashion and there's a new hype on the market that you still don't have.

Travelling where you want when you want and if you were like me and your mum would call you 100 times, then this is a great benefit haha.

Not having a curfew, similar to above I used to have to be home so early and my friends would be until whenever, although looking back now it's probably for the best because once I got to the point of no curfew I may have taken it too far but now as I've been out and done all of that it doesn't interest me to always be out. 

A better relationship with parents is definitely a bonus and I appreciate them more now and realise they always have my best interests in mind and acknowledge and approciate a lot more.

Being able to eat a cookie before dinner without anyone saying anything. I could be so hungry, eat a cookie and then be able to eat afterwards. When I was younger my dad wouldn't let me eat snacks before dinner because he knew is just leave it.

Independence can come as a hinderance or a benefit. Yeah my mum might not cut up my food anymore but the independence of running your own life is a blissful relatively new experience as for the majority of my life I've been a kid pretty much. It's like being reborn into the world of adults but you just don't feel that age yet. Also discovering so many people that have the same perspective of life and something you can enjoy together. 

There's probably like so many more things but let's just embrace getting older and what the future holds and what kinds of futuristic gadgets they'll create next. Flying transportation sofas? Yes please

Angie xo

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