Rainy Day Thoughts

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Have you ever been out in one those downpours where you've just walked ridiculously fast squinting your eyes, looking down and just punching through the rain until you get home. Occasionally depending where you are in the world, or sometimes more often than occasionally, we are projected with a downpour of rain. On the days where we have nothing to do, or aren't set to go back out for the day, it can be the most relaxing background ambience sound. Hearing the rain trickle down the windows . Other times, when you've probably forgotten your umbrella and are caught in an unexpected splash, it's not always so good.

#1- Being indoors when it's raining is probably the best thing about it, feeling great that you're all dry and warm inside and hearing the rain fiercely falling outside. 

#2- When you literally just put your key through the door as you feel a couple of rain drops on your hand and you're glad you timed that like a ninja.

#3-  Soon after walking out the door and feeling it raining and thinking "ohh what a dashing surprise!" Actually there's probably less thinking and more running in the rain don't you think? Haha. When you're not prepared and you feel drenched, uncomfortabe and you've just given up trying to use shelter now, you're so drenched it wouldn't make a difference anyway.

#4- The after-rain-feeling of coming home, putting on fresh and most importantly dry clothes and feeling warm, cosy and comfy. Okay, its starting to feel like winter now, where's the sun at?

#5- Rainbows have got to be the best thing about the after rain shower and sun combination. There's something magical and movie-like about them, as if there's something to be discovered. I sure hope it's a dancing leoprachorn, with a pot of sunshine, keep the gold just give me some sun!

#6- Leaving your umbrella somewhere is probably the most unhelpful thing in a downpour. I remember once when I was in college on one of those non stop rain days, quite light but drizzly and frequent. After a long anticipation of waiting for the bus, I got on it and as the bus drove away I also saw my umbrella just chilling at the bus stop nice and dry, while later on I wouldn't be, haha.

What are your thoughts about the rain?

Angie xo

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