Things I'm glad to have grown out of

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I can't help but laugh at some of the hilarious things I'd wear as accessories or things I'd do which makes me think what on earth was going through my mind at the time? Sound familiar? We all had them no matter how slight, I sometimes feel like mine may have been a little overdone but mostly just funny. These are a few of the things that I'd do when I was quite young.

Hoops - Wearing hoops I guess were just in and the bigger the better. The good thing is this stage never lasted long because for one, I didn't own gigantic sized earrings and two because even then, they didn't look the best on me. I'll stick to mini packets of hoola hoops for now thanks!

Black cherub skulls - This was more beginning teenage years that I may have gone a little through the stage of skull covered items on everything like scarfs, bags and even a hoodie that was two sizes too big for me. I also hadthe super thick dark winged eyeliner which contrasted dramatically with my pale skin and dyed black hair. 

Things that don't go- Well, we thought they went together well didn't we? No one thought to mention that blue and green shouldn't be seen or orange and brown shouldn't be worn up town. Is that even one? I don't know haha I obviously just didn't have a clue back then but being able to put something relatively decent together in my wardrobe, is a pleasant achievement.

Deals too good to be true - I was a sucker for deals that seemed way too good to be true. When it comes to makeup and products at least it's a drug store not a drug market stall with unbranded products. 'Yeah I got myself 5 sparkly eyeshadows for a £1 what's up!' Then I'd get home and have to vigourously rub those eyeshadow stick wands into the product and find that the reason that they were so cheap is because they were no good!  

I feel like there were more but I can't remember any more at the moment, do have any things to look back on that make you think 'oh why?'

Angie xo

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