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When we were younger if we were told that we'd be slathering on ingredients you can eat on our hair, I'd probably be a little confused. Fast forward to now and I try to regularly use a hair mask using natural products as often as I can. I raided my fridge and cupboards for things that I could whack up in a bowl, work it into my hair and sit there twirling my hair feeling how soft it is. This is of course until I go outside and then the sun, pollution and just life in general gets to it! 
It doesn't look like the most appealing thing to put on your hair, but it could look a lot worse. The colour kind of looks like the product in some conditioners. I mixed together the tiniest egg I've ever seen with Greek yoghurt. When I've got some though, I usually use just normal 'ungreek' yoghurt. 

Cracking open an egg or two depending on your type/length is a great source of protein and strengthens the hair. As I was looking for a nourishing mask I carefully only added the egg yolk. 
Adding in a dash of yoghurt is another ingredient that helps with moisturising hair and the improving the condition of your hair. The last optional ingredient is a few drops of hydrating olive oil to get your locks in peach perfect condition. Let's hope! 

This is one of those hair masks to do on a rainy weekend on a Friday where you're not going out. It's not like someone's frying an egg on your head but you can just get a whiff every now and again but if you use a good smelling conditioner it could over rule it, or just do this with a blocked nose. 

Feeling my hair afterwards felt quite silky and pleasant to touch. I feel like it's not the best hair mask when it comes to smell, but in condition for me at least it helped and hopefully it will for you. I think the mix of ingredients meant that at least one of them had to work and if they all did then it's like a magical chain reaction up in there!

What's your favourite hair mask?

Angie xo 

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