Hand and nail pampering session

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As evolution has evolved and species have rapidly changed, one thing that stays the same is that we've always used our hands. The difference now is that within our everyday lives and what our hands go through, we can now treat them to keep them as smooth as a plum. The skin on our hands is just as important as our faces, so we need to treat them. Without the greasy after hand cream feeling of not being able to touch anything. Unless of course, you use a hand cream which makes you feel like you've bathed your hands in cleopatra's milk bath. Her skin must have been like silk but I think I'd choose a bubble bath over laying in a tub filled with milk! Anyway, my hand-pampering doesn't require any milk so let's get started!

Soak 'em up! - The first thing ultimately requires a bowl  with warm water big enough for your hand, try and see if you can get your fist in it for a rough estimate of you want your hand to fit in there, for nails a smaller one will do. Just remember, which vital thing I forgot was that water in a bowl will flow over with your hand in there. There are a few things you can add into your homemade waterbath to make your nails hopefully feeling wonderful. I usually add a few drops of olive oil which I find super moisturising. You can use any oil you wish and as much as you feel you need. 

Rub n' scrub - Withh the remaining oil that's in the bowl I try to get the remainder on my hands and rub them together as if I'm using hand cream.This gets all of the essential oil to penetrate into the skin and you could even use this time to give your self a mini hand massage or see if there are a spare pair of hands somewhere. Nails can also benefit from your hand bath so If you don't have anything on your nails, you could even rub the oil on your nails to make them silky to feel and a have reflective shine. 

Chop and change- Once your nails have been soaking in their mini tub, you can take them out and this is the best time to cut your nails, where they're soft and they should be a lot easier to trim compared to just going straight out with the chippers. It's best to have a towel prepared so you don't have to run around with your dripping hands, looking like a dinosaur trying to find a towel!

You're done! - Once I've dried them I will use this time to give them a few coats of colour or leave them for a bit but eventually I'll find my self going back to to nail varnish because after wearing nail varnish often, my hands look bare and naked without it! Haha. For the finishing step I use another blob of moisturising hand cream for some extra added softness.

Pampering for pleasantly satin hands can be a relaxing things to add to your at home spa experience and your silky- smooth hands will thank you. If we had a piece of chocolate for every time I've said the word 'hand'-  a box may be necessary instead! Haha

Angie xo 

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