6 Things I look Forward to in Autumn

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Crispy crunchy leaves falling off massive trees and pumpkins used to excite me about autum as a child. I feel like as I've progressed into an older version of myself I seem to enjoy the little things about autumn even if that means not stepping out of your way to crush a crispy leaf. Although I can't say I don't enjoy looking at all the scenery changing from green to orangey, red and just a really colourful atmosphere of different hues.

#1 The fact that it's not too freezing means that you don't have to bombard your self with multiple layers in order to keep warm. You can also still feel like you're ready to face the world, without feeling too bulky from all the layers to make you feel lost in all of them.

#2 I like the fact that it's not too cold that you want to hide away and hibernate indoors. The air in the morning is so fresh and crisp and waking up with the rest of the nation and with the sun gives your body such good positive energy. 

#3 Getting cosy under an enermous cosy fluffy blanket and not feeling bad for it, which lets be honest we never do, but there's more of an reason for it now and we don't think we're coming down with something if we're under a blanket in the warmer weather.

{She actually loves blankets and she will try to come under them but for some reason she's come out like a grumpy chumps, maybe it's the blanket hood!}

#4 Seasonal drinks such as pumpkin spiced laté's in Starbucks makes you feel all warm and cosy. Have you tried them? I still have so many different ones left to taste and decide if that will be my new 'go to' drink and spend way too much on them than I should.

#5 Getting closer to winter means christmas will be fast approaching and  all the exciting festivities that come with it!

#6 Warm melt in your mouth crossioints  and all the other comfort food snacks that are consumed in the colder weather make you feel all nice and cosy inside, bring on the delicious treats! 

What are your favourite things about autum?

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