A few ways to add more fruit in your diet

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Juicy mouth watering fruits should be incorporated into our diet as much as possible. With our hectic lifestyles and busy schedules we may not feel that we have the opportunity to eat them as much as we can. It's not like it takes a huge amount of time to eat them, it's just sometimes we occasionay forget. For lunch we may belive it's easier to fill up on with a sandwich than an apple, which makes sense if you've got a few hours of needed energy to fuel. Here's a few things you can do to make sure you get some of your 5 a day, or at least maybe 3 a day!

Add them in your breakfast cereal- Do you pour yourself some cereal for breakfast? This is one of the easiest ways I think for adding more fruit to our diet because we usually need the energy, especially in the gloomy winter mornings coming up. You could peel an orange and break up the pieces to put in your cereal or even add some grapes. If you don't have cereal for breakfast, even eating an apple afterwards might be better than eating it with your scrambled eggs. 

Fruit within an arms reach- When you're feeling a bit peckish perhaps try to keep some fruit in a bowl or the fridge so you can reach for them instead of some chocolate. They might not satisfy your hunger a huge deal but if you're feeling peckish or just eating out of boredness, this a good way to add them into your diet without the extra calories.

Add them to yoghurt- Some people seem to find it a chore to eat fruits, I never knew how many people didn't really like them or add them in their diet. Everyone has their own taste buds and opinion which is entirely up to them. If you're one of these people or like to munch some fruits but find them quite boring I've found a way to help. If you like yoghurt, natural or Greek yoghurt works well this, you could add some in a bowl with your chopped up fruits and make your own salad with something extra to help fill you up. Plus, yoghurt is good for your digestive system so it's a win-win!

Type of fruits- I've noticed a difference when I'm in the store picking up fruits that have been sitting for a while or fresh from the market stall. I find that they taste a lot better depending on which type of particular fruits I pick up. For example, the cheapest apples in sometimes taste soft and a bit less tasty than a certain brand of 'pink ladies' apples, where as you crunch into them you can feel the juices fill your tastebuds and they are just so delicious!

I hope these tips help, how do you add more fruit into your diet?

Angie xo 

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