Handling Situations Better

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Sometimes when things would overwhelm me too much, my body would start feeling the negative energy running through it and then everything seems like all doom and gloom. What occurs with this feeling is the lack of enjoyment in various situations and just not living in the precious moment, when you're feeling like that. It's just not letting situations get to us and rising above them, which I try as much as I can to do.

I feel like a new perception has emerged that I would like to follow that no matter what life throws in our direction, you have to just bring yourself out of the cocoon of emotions to the top of the mountain.

It's not always possible to feel content with life 24/7, I mean, even the happiest of people have their days who don't document it but are struggling with various situations.

What makes those oh so inspiring people different? 

The way in which they handle those situations that strike.

No matter how many cookies and creamy cappuccinos, I need to drown my sorrows in, I need to lift my head up high and eliminate the occurance of negative emotions influencing the way I feel.

I feel like I have a different outlook on life in the way I live it. I always thought I was getting better at not letting situations affect the way I feel. Although, I would still let things affect me without realising that in reality, would this really affect me in a year from me? I guess with university I could say actually yeah, but that's another aspect of self assurance to myself that Angie, worrying about things isn't going to help you fly through them! Now I feel like as long as we keep to that mantra, it's one less stress.

In fact you could apply this in everyday life, worrying about things beyond your control, or even in your control isn't going to change anything. 

Just choosing to be happy and the way in which we think to handle what lives throws at us, it will result in a hopefully overal happier lifestyle. Remember, we need to have the not as wonderful times in life to experience and appreciate the better ones more. That way, we should feel stronger in situations that arise and handle them miles better.

I don't know if this even portrayed what I wanted to say, but sometimes writing things down is like a form of creative therapy, even if it may not make sense!

Angie xo

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