Why you Should Steam your Face

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My face feels like a dream after it has been steamed. I feel my pores opening up to reveal squeaky clean skin. I find that within a few minutes of putting my head near the bowl and breathing in, my skin already feels lile it's getting cleansed and I also feel surprisingly relaxed after, you can also add some vapo rub to breathe in if you have a stuffy nose and breathe your way to an unblocked nose. 

• It helps to free any dead skills cells and dirt that could be lurking in your pores, bacteria or anything else that could be causing your skin to break out.

• Steaming also helps other products absorb into your skin more effectively after steaming your face.

• You don't need to invest in a specific face steamer, you can use a pan of really hot water and grab a towel to put over your head so the heat doesn't escape. 

• Clogged pores can cause various skin issues, mainly contributing to acne.

• The sweat opens up the pores and causes the debris and dirt to escape, wahey!

• Your pores are throughly cleansed and your face is dirt and oil-free.

Step 1 - Put your hair up away from your face so that it doesn't fall in your tub of steam.

Step 2 Boil a pan of water on the hob if you don't have a facial steamer. I used filtered water to fill up the pan but you can use ordinary unfiltered water, I did all the other times. 

Step 3 -  Turn the hob off and either leave it where it is or take it to another surface that is not near anything that could knock it, or get knocked by. Especially pets and any children who would think 'Ooo what does this do' 

Step 4 - After its on your surface, please don't just put it on your nice new wooden table because it won't be nice and new anymore, i've learned this the hard way before. I usually put a towel underneath and sometimes put it on the floor and then I cross my legs.

Step 5 -  Put the towel over your head  and the bowl and just breathe in the steam without letting any heat escape. Minimum 18 inches is best as the capillaries under your skin may get damaged if it's too close.

Step 6 - Once you've steamed your face for a bit and your pores are open you can wash your face to get all of the remaining sweat and put on your favourite lotions and products as they'll soak in so much better without freshly cleansed skin. Finishing off with a splash of cold water to close our pores, enjoy your steamed face!

I know it goes without saying please be really careful with boiling water and watch out for pets lurking around.

Angie xo

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