Things to do in 2016

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1-  Go for a refreshing walk somewhere new

2-  Visit a city you've never been to

3-  Bake something new for dessert 

4-  Complete things from your long awaited to do list if you have things to do

5-  Plant some flowers in your garden to grow in the next few months

6-  Movie day/night with snacks, fluffy socks and a cosy blanket

7-  Give your pet a new toy so they don't use your hair ties!

8-  Get some pretty flowers to brighten up the room

9-  New scents around the house or candles for a nice aroma 

10-  Declutter anything that is taking up space, maybe put stuff on eBay?

11-  Get a new tasty recipe and try it out 

12-  Organise things to look forward to during the year 

13-  Change your background/wallpaper to change things up a bit 

14-  Rearrange your room or add something new

15- Dedicate a day/evening to giving yourself an amazing pampering session

16- Enjoy life and laugh! 

Angie xo

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